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Insidious – The Red Door, Shark Teeth, Houria, Earth and Dust and the DVD-Blu-ray votes of the month. Part 1

Insidious - The Red Door, Shark Teeth, Houria, Earth and Dust and the DVD-Blu-ray votes of the month.  Part 1

The first part of our monthly homevideo column by DVD and Blu-ray reviews opens with Insidious: The Red Door, the third installment of an ever-disturbing horror franchise. Following is a very original Italian film, guiltily neglected in cinemas, that is Shark teethwith a very respectable cast including Edoardo Pesce, Claudio Santamaria and Virginia Raffaele.

Insidious The Red Door 2

Insidious – The red door: Patrick Wilson in an image

Space then to Houria – The voice of freedom, an intense and touching film about the willpower of a talented dancer who lives in Algiers and who suffers serious violence. Following Earth and dustthe revelation film of Berlin 2022, then to close the new restored version of In the Mood for Lovea famous film from over twenty years ago directed by Wong Kar-Wai.

Insidious – The red door: the blu-ray review

Insidious Porta

THE FILM. Another chapter for the Insidious franchise with the sequel to Beyond Evil – Insidious 2. In this Insidious: The Red Door directed by Patrick Wilson, we find the members of the Lambert family ten years after the horrible experiences they lived but still traumatized, especially Josh and his son Dalton, the two able to travel to the Elsewhere thanks to astral projection. Dalton is about to start college, but his relationship with his father is tense and full of misunderstandings due to memory gaps that both are unable to fill.

Insidious The Red Door

Insidious – The red door: a scene from the film

THE BLU-RAY. Insidious: The Red Door has arrived on homevideo with the blu-ray by Eagle Pictures, technically excellent and just sufficient in terms of extras. The video it displays excellent detail and a fair depth in all situations, with a warm chroma and an excellent black, even if in the dark scenes of which there are many, there is a slight decline and the picture is very flat. In the extra due featurette: The family: past, present and beyond (3′ and a half) makes a point about the franchise, while A possessed director (5′) examines Patrick Wilson’s dual role as director and actor.

NOT TO BE MISSED.The most convincing part of the edition, however, is theaudio , a DTS HD 5.1 for both the Italian and the original, which manages to enhance the tense moments of the film. The phases of unnerving silence are suddenly broken by rather muscular bass blows, but the general spatiality of the effects and the dynamics are also excellent.

I VOTE. Video: 7.5 – Audio: 8.5 – Extra: 6

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Shark Teeth: Blu-ray review

Shark Teeth

THE FILM. Directed by Davide Gentile, Shark teeth stars thirteen-year-old Walter (Tiziano Menichelli), who has just lost his father and lives with his mother Rita (Virginia Raffaele). Wandering along the Roman coast, the boy lands in a large abandoned villa with a swimming pool in which a shark lives. Not only will Li meet another boy with whom he will befriend, but he will slowly become part of a criminal world of which his father was also part in the past. Also in the cast are Claudio Santamaria and Edoardo Pesce.

Shark Teeth 4

Shark Teeth: A still from the film

THE BLU-RAY.Shark’s Teeth arrived on home video with the Lucky Red blu-ray distributed by Plaion Pictures, a technically excellent product and with an excellent extras department. Remarkable video , which presents a solid picture with consistently incisive detail, both in close-ups and pans. The stability and compactness of the picture are excellent even in difficult underwater shots. Also promotedaudio in DTS HD 5.1, always engaging with good activity from all the speakers and a sub present in the soundtrack but also in the effects, especially in the scenes with the shark.

NOT TO BE MISSED. A nice surprise to see a department extra packed with almost an hour of material for an Italian film. Let’s find a short making of (3′) with scenes on the set, a Backstage VFH (1 and a half) on the special effects, the press conference (30′) with the director and cast at the presentation of the film, then interviews with the main actors and the director (11′ in total), some storyboards (6′) and the trailer .

I VOTE. Video: 8 – Audio: 8 – Extra: 7

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Houria – The Voice of Freedom: DVD review


THE FILM. Presented at the Rome Film Festival 2022, Houria – The voice of freedom is an intense and touching film directed by Mounia Meddour Gens, starring Houria (Lyna Khoudri), a girl who lives in Algiers and is a talented dancer. After having suffered serious violence, she remains with heavy physical impairments and is no longer able to speak, but despite injustice reigning around her, she will continue to chase her dream as a dancer with strength, tenacity and unshakable strength. of will.

Houria 1 Xbsdknw

Houria: a scene from the film

IT DVD. Houria – The Voice of Freedom is available on home video with the Mustang Entertainment DVD, lacking in extras (there is only the trailer) but technically valid, with an excellent video but also a audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 (both for the Italian and the original) which in moments of music and dance denotes a certain grit, both in the involvement of all the speakers and in the bass performance. The ambience is also satisfactory, even if at times i rear they are a little shy, while the dialogues are clean.

NOT TO BE MISSED.Really excellent video , which manages to keep the limitations of the DVD format to a minimum, visible only with some smudges on some panoramas. For the rest the picture always remains very compact, even the darkest scenes are solid, while the detail is very good for the standard and combines with lively chroma with bright colours.

I VOTE. Video: 8 – Audio: 7 – Extra: 4

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Earth and Dust: the DVD review

Earth Dust

THE FILM.It was the revelation film of the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, telling the story of love through the silences and peasant rhythms of rural China: in Earth and dust , directed by Li Ruijun, a man and a woman who lead extremely complicated lives find themselves forced into an arranged marriage. The difficult economic situation certainly doesn’t help them, but the two will manage to nurture their relationship and their bond will become stronger and stronger as time passes.

Earth and Dust Credits Qizi Films Limited 3

Earth and dust: a scene from the film

IT DVD. Earth and Dust has arrived on home video with the CG-Tucker DVD. The video it is only sufficient because despite a satisfactory hold in dark scenes and a decent chroma, it has to deal with a lot of graininess and uncertain contours, with panoramas and vegetation that struggle to keep a compact picture. In the extra the trailer and the cast’s greetings at the Berlin Film Festival (2′).

NOT TO BE MISSED. L’audio it is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 for both the Italian and the original. The film is certainly not an action film and does not offer many ideas, but a certain attention to the ambience with the sounds of rural life should be appreciated, with some well-placed effects, clean dialogues and a satisfying rendering of the delicate soundtrack.

I VOTE. Video: 6 – Audio: 7 – Extra: 5

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In the Mood for Love: la recensione del DVD

In The Mood For Love

THE FILM.New DVD edition in restored version for In the Mood for Love , the film directed by Wong Kar-Wai in 2000 with Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu Wai. In the troubled Hong Kong of 1962, the chief editor of a local newspaper, after having moved house and often only because of his wife’s constant business trips, makes friends with a beautiful woman, who in turn is neglected by her husband. A very special relationship will be born.

Maggie Cheung e Tony Leung nel film In the Mood for Love

Maggie Cheung e Tony Leung nel film In the Mood for Love

IT DVD. The new DVD edition of In the Mood for Love by CG-Tucker features a video restored which, after the first rather noisy moments, presents a more natural grain and detail which is at times satisfactory but a little discontinuous, with some difficult moments between graininess and uncertain contours. The quaver is valid and lively. L’audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 it returns clean dialogues, a discreet ambience and a good rendering of the soundtrack.

NOT TO BE MISSED. In addition to the trailer, in the extrawe find a Making of very full-bodied with a duration of 51 minutes, in which through interventions by the director and cast, moments of filming on set and auditions, the various themes of the film, its creation and its processing are explored in depth.

I VOTE. Video: 6.5 – Audio: 6.5 – Extra: 7