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Amici 23, Emanuel Lo on Giorgia: “Every time I see her I freeze, as if it were the first time” (VIDEO)

Amici 23, Emanuel Lo on Giorgia: "Every time I see her I freeze, as if it were the first time" (VIDEO)

Giorgia was a guest on Amici 23 and for the occasion Emanuel Lo, her partner, spent some very sweet words on her. Here’s what happened!

Special judge of the singing competition of the episode of Amici 23 yesterday, Sunday 29 October, was Georgie. The singer has already been a guest on several occasions of the branded talent show Mediaset on air Canale5, to judge the kids and give them valuable advice. As well as in other moments, in the studio, as well as Maria De Filippithe artist also hugged his partner, Emmanuel Lowith whom she was the protagonist of a fun and sweet moment.

Amici 23, Emanuel Lo on Giorgia: “I freeze every time I see her!”

Upon the singer’s entrance, the entire studio exploded in a riot of applause and everyone, from students to professors, stood up to warmly welcome Georgie. In the recording of the episode you can see that Raimondo Todaro turns towards Emanuel Lo and urges him to get up, because the hip hop coach was frozen in place. Even the presenter Maria De Filippo he notices the moment and jokingly points it out.

Promptly, Emmanuel Lo he replies that there is a very specific reason behind his immobility and reveals the sweet anecdote about his partner:

“I didn’t get up because, still today, I freeze when I see her. I sat transfixed

His words trigger applause from the audience, but Georgie she doesn’t seem at all impressed, even if she approaches her partner to give him a sweet kiss. In fact, the singer jokingly comments: “He had prepared this, what a liar”. But her partner intervenes and reminds her to be honest:

“Tell Maria, tell her how many times do I freeze in front of you?”

Meanwhile, the word “block” arouses the perplexity of Alessandra Celentano, who asks Todaro the reason for the block, triggering laughter: “The teacher said something unrepeatable, close the microphones!”but the dance coach insists and asks the person concerned for explanations. Emmanuel Lo he laughs and replies that it’s a “positive block“. The couple has been linked for 20 years and on several occasions, in Verissimo, during connections with the Amici studio, Emmanuel Lo had revealed how deep their bond was and that their twenty-year history had strengthened even more over time:

“I felt an alchemy, which was returned. There was a thread that linked us in some way. I asked to take a photo. It was beautiful, initially, however, he told me that due to the age difference it wouldn’t work. And yet, here we are”

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