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Terra Amara Previews October 27, 2023: Fikret confesses the truth about his identity to Fekeli!

Terra Amara Previews October 27, 2023: Fikret confesses the truth about his identity to Fekeli!

Previews of the episode of Terra Amara broadcast on 27 October 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Fikret can no longer continue to lie to Fekeli…

Thanks to previews from the Turkish soap opera on Canale 5, Bitter Earthwe discover that, in episode aired on October 27, 2023at 14.10, Fekeli surprises Fikret at the Yamans’ dairy farm, intent on destroying the milk barrels to sabotage their deal. The man questions his nephew, who, feeling cornered, spills the beans. Fikert admits that he is not Fekeli’s brother’s sonMusa, rather than being the illegitimate son of Adnan Yaman senior. Furthermore, the young man adds that he came to Cukurova precisely to take revenge on Demir…

Bitter Earth Previews: Fikret is thirsty for revenge!

Fikret has arrived in Cukurova only to carry out his plan of revenge. The young man, in fact, he is not the son of MusaFekeli’s brother, but he is the illegitimate son of Adnan Yaman senior. The latter never recognized him, so much so that he never wanted to know anything about Fikret, who was just a child, nor about his mother, the woman with whom he had had an extra-marital affair. Thirsty for revenge, the boy he wants to make the only member of the family pay remained in question aliveprecisely Iron.

Bitter Earth Previews: Fikret wants to ruin Demir…

Determined to ruin his stepbrother’s life, Fikret huh even asked Umit to seduce him. However, in addition to wanting to destroy his reputation, he also wants to harm him economically. For this reason, the young man leaves with an excuse and he sneaks into the Yaman dairy, intent on sabotaging their deal. Fikret is preparing to disintegrate the milk barrels, when Fekeli arrives.

Fikret spills the beans with Fekeli, in the Terra Amara Previews of October 27, 2023

Uncle and nephew I am face to face. Fekeli caught Fikret destroying the milk barrels at the Yaman dairy, and now demands to know what is the reason for his obsession with this family. The man had already asked him this question, after discovering that it was he who had stoned Demir’s father’s tombstone, but he had received an evasive answer. Now, Fikret he realizes that he cannot continue to lie to Fekeli, and so, with tears in his eyes, spill the beans: he is not the son of his brother Musabut rather he is the illegitimate son of Adnan Yaman senior. Plus, the boy he adds that he wants revenge on his stepbrotherguilty of having lived a decidedly more comfortable life than his own…

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Bitter Earth it goes on air Channel 5 from Monday to Sunday at 2.10pm.