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Big Brother, accusations and insults fly between Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin: “False! You speak badly of people” (VIDEO)

Big Brother, accusations and insults fly between Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin: "False! You speak badly of people" (VIDEO)

Firefight between the two controversial Big Brother contestants.

This eveningThursday 26 October 2023, on Channel 5 it will go a new and unmissable episode of Big Brother is on air. While waiting, in the Cinecitt√† House, aheated argument between Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin due to the “fault” of Vittorio Menozzi.

The fight breaks out at the Gf between Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin

Very tough clash on Big Brother between Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin. It all started when the controversial competitor of the new edition accused the well-known Chinese chef and Cornflower to have hired a false attitude towards Vittorio Menozzi. According to the actress, the two women would have first badmouthed the model and then called him “love”:

You talk about people when they’re not there, you’ve been doing that since the first week. You spoke badly of Vittorio, I invite you to stop. It is not correct, it is not elegant to talk about a person who is not present. I’m saying what you do, how you operate. Then he comes and you say “love love”. It’s called manipulation, you often go into groups to talk badly about people. Stop talking badly, we’re tired of this thing. He did the same thing with other people, he did it with me too. She is a terrible fake. I’m sick. You said you can’t stand it. Then we will see the video.

Accuse which caused the Rosy’s furious reaction:

Every time you interfere in other people’s conversations. I have never talked or bad-mouthed anyone. From day one you point me. You don’t have to compete. I was joking, I wasn’t doing what you think. Vittorio knows my behavior, it’s not incorrect. I never mentioned him. I have the right to talk and joke with whoever I want. I do it even in his presence. What is your problem? What did I say that was so abominable, so offensive, towards him? It bothers you that others don’t think like you. I cannot influence the thoughts of others.

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The the situation then completely degenerated when Beatrice he has declared:

Many people do not see the reality of the facts. Even when the facts are aired. You’ve been operating under these terms for six weeks. I know Italian well, this is called manipulation.

So I don’t know him? You know him and I don’t? – Rosy blurted out furiously – You’re offending me, how dare you tell me that I don’t understand Italian? I don’t operate in any way. I’m tired of being turned off by you. Beatrice the player and actress. The only actress here is you.

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