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Striscia la Notizia: Fabrizio Corona receives a new golden tapir and returns to the attack

Striscia la Notizia: Fabrizio Corna receives a new golden tapir and returns to the attack

The former king of the paparazzi to the correspondent Staffelli: “I have the proof and I will show it: 30% of the players are involved”

After the Golden Tapir a Fabrizio Corona and the one immediately following the presenter of Come on People Nunzia De Girolamo, Strip the News she returned to the former king of the paparazzi who – on the football betting case – went on the attack on those who doubted his revelations.

“Did De Girolamo tell you that on Tuesday he would broadcast the full videos and that I could go back to the studio? And instead it ended up that they no longer want me at Rai and they don’t broadcast the material” Corona declared to Valerio Staffelli.” I have the proof and I will show it by November 15th on a free online platform: 30% of the players are involved.”

It’s still:

“Casale sued me. In the meantime, you need to look at this complaint, but I can tell you that before suing me, his attorney called me to ask me if I had proof of what I said. Would he have done so if he was certain that it was all false? Then I received other phone calls from people willing to give me all the money I wanted to keep them from leaving”

Fabrizio Corona would be investigated for defamation following a complaint filed by El Shaarawy it’s yes Nicholas Casale.

“Although I am not inclined to expose myself publicly, my reaction can only be very firm. What happened was, in no uncertain terms, an infamous operation and, what is even worse, surgically orchestratedhe wrote El Shaarawy in the complaint for aggravated defamation filed last Friday with the Milan Prosecutor’s Office. The complaint had also arrived the day before Casale. “Nicol√≤ – explained the lawyer Guido Furgiuele – has never bet on a sporting event and the pillory to which he is subjected on the basis of the word of a confirmed criminal, ready to do anything to have media visibility is unacceptable”

Corona he stated that he has no fear of lawsuits and that he will bring the evidence to court

With this, the former king of the paparazzi reaches ten Tapirs. The full service this evening at The news spreads are Channel 5 at 8.35pm.