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Big Brother, Massimiliano Varrese’s ex-partner: “Is it better than it appears, Beatrice Luzzi? It destabilizes him because…”

Big Brother, Massimiliano Varrese's ex-partner: "Is it better than it appears, Beatrice Luzzi? It destabilizes him because..."

Valentina Melis reveals the truth about her relationship with Massimiliano Varrese and comments on her journey on Big Brother.

Massimiliano Varrese is one of the undisputed protagonists of the new edition of Big Brother. He thought about commenting on his journey in the famous Cinecittà house Valentina Melis who, interviewed by the weekly Chi, broke a chord in favor of her ex-boyfriend.

The truth about Massimiliano Varrese’s ex-girlfriend

Massimiliano Varrese continues to be at the center of controversy both inside and outside the Casa del Big Brother. To comment on his discussed path and his utterances towards Heidi Baci and Beatrice Luzzi it was his ex-partner Valentina Melis who, in an interview given to the weekly magazine Chi, declared:

As his ex, I am expected to take a stand: as if I should either defend him or attack him, but we have been separated for almost two years. So I can talk about him at most as a father or as an ex-partner: what he does today, as an adult, concerns only him: we are two distinct people. Ours was a very beautiful love story, we had Mia, a much desired little girl. But then, as happens, we started to drift apart. The pandemic was fatal to us: worn out by the situation, by work and private things, we began to no longer get along and to have different ideas about life and the future. We tried everything for a year and a half, but it was a persistence that risked bringing us to a point of no return. So, for our sake and Mia’s, we decided that it was best to move away and safeguard harmony. It was an act of love towards our daughter: we think that seeing us serene and calm, even if separated, is better for her than seeing us united but in a false sense. For Mia we would like to be an example of sincere love.

Valentina he then talked about the Massimiliano’s choice to enter the Big Brother House and commented i continuous clashes with Beatrice Luzzi:

We talked about it a lot, especially for organizational issues, but I didn’t say anything about his professional choice. I just gave him some advice and we agreed on a gesture to do for Mia: when he beats his heart and blows a kiss, that’s everything for her. Sometimes he’s a burden, he insists, he’s very introspective and struggles to let out his true emotions or the light, funny and loud part of himself… I told him to stay calm and make the most of the experience. Sometimes I recognize him, other times he becomes insistent on issues on which, outside, he would not persist. But that’s like a bubble, a parallel reality and I don’t know what clicks in the brain. As I know it, it’s better than it looks. But even if I wanted to, not knowing what he is feeling, I can’t judge him.

The clashes with Beatrice Luzzi? Is it because she is a Scorpio like me? We are a strong sign, we always have our say, we don’t retreat: perhaps this destabilizes him. Then he has always played the bad guy on the sets, and Luzzi also carries this character with her: perhaps, even without wanting it, this thing has a weight, or maybe it only has it in the eyes of others.

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Before concluding the interview, Valentina also took the opportunity to defend Massimiliano from the serious accusations of being a violent man:

Just as Massimiliano chose silence, even more so must I do so. But I want to reiterate one thing: we didn’t break up because he was violent or treated me badly. These are deductions that I have read here and there and that have hurt me, ravings that do not correspond to reality.

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