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The Bold and the Beautiful: who is Li really? Life, career and curiosities about her interpreter, the actress Naomi Matsuda

The Bold and the Beautiful: who is Li really?  Life, career and curiosities about her interpreter, the actress Naomi Matsuda

Let’s find out together who Li, Finn’s mother, really is. Life, career and curiosities of actress Naomi Matsuda.

Li Finneganthe Steffy’s mother-in-lawis becoming a increasingly present character in Beautiful textures. In Italy currently, October 2023, she has just met Bill and saved Finn from Sheila, allowing the boy to reunite with Steffy while in the United Statesas we revealed in some of our previous articles, is trying to get rid of his niece Luna and confessed to still have a secret to reveal. Ma who is playing Liwhich has now entered the Soap family and – in America – is even present in the opening theme of the episodes?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan to the rescue

Li Finnegan is becoming a increasingly important character in bets Of Beautiful. Having suddenly appeared in the plots, shortly after the marriage between Steffy and Finn, the adoptive mother of Forrester’s husband, she has now gained its place in the plots. In Italy we still have a long way to go before we know it better, while in the United States it has just revealed that it has a very burning secret about his familysuch as upset the Forrester family and the his own son.

Beautiful: this is who Li really is

It is interpreted there from the charismatic attrice Naomi Matsuda, born on March 14, 1977 in Nagasaki. We don’t have much information about the actress’s biography. We know that in 2009 she got married but that after a few years she divorced and that at the age of 5 she moved to San Diego with her family while at the age of 7 she began to study traditional Japanese dance . At 13, however, she started jazz and ballet lessons.

Dal his Instagram profile it emerges that He is very fond of animals and who dedicates himself to humanitarian events.

The actress stood out above all for her role in Soap BeautifulThat it even earned her the nomination ai Daytime Emmy. However, he has other jobs under his belt. In fact, he participated in the film Bullet Train and the series The Rookie in 2018.

We know little about his private life and also on his social networks, the Matsudo is very reserved. From a photo published some time ago, we could guess that the actress has a granddaughterof which she is extremely proud.

However, there are many images that portray her together with his colleaguesto which she is very attached.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Saturday at ore 13.45.