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Men and Women, Alessio and Claudia kiss passionately! Maria De Filippi helps two suitors (VIDEO)

Men and Women, Alessio and Claudia kiss passionately!  Maria De Filippi helps two suitors (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Alessio and Claudia indulge in passion in the studio! While Maria De Filippi defends Virginia from some of Cristian’s accusations. Here’s what happened!

We start again from throne over in the program Men and women: Alessio e Claudia they continue to argue at the study center. Space for dynamics between Angelica, Emanuela e Mark Antony. The classic throne gives rise to a heated discussion between Cristian e VirginiaWhile Brando he was outdoors with Silvia and the suitor wanted to share some of her weaknesses.

Men and Women, passionate kiss in the study center between Alessio and Claudia!

The situation of Alessio e Claudia continues to hold sway on the dating show of Canale5because the knight and the lady are clearly interested in each other, but due to jealousy and misunderstandings they are unable to admit it, as also noted Maria De Filippi. Also Alessio admits that his involvement with Claudia was greater and he felt more transported and he felt this feeling reciprocated. Even the lady is unable to immediately say yes to dancing with Marco and for the presenter it is a symptom that there is something on her part too. So when it comes time for a dance the two protagonists of the throne over they dance together…and they exchange a passionate kiss in the middle of the studio, to everyone’s applause! After the dance, too Gianni Sperti comments that it was a beautiful moment, while the presenter admits that she observed more carefully Roberta Di Padua e Barbara De Santi that they criticized Marcothe knight with whom Claudia she had gone out and which, it is now clear, had helped her understand that she felt nothing for him and others Alessio of being jealous of the lady.

Still room for the throne over, with Angelica, Emanuela e Mark Antonya new knight: the latter came out with Emanuela and the two kissed, while with Angelica at the moment there is no physical transport yet, but they are both very interesting. Emanuela she admits that the knight is very present with her, so much so that she feels like she has missed some steps with him, because she feels that they already know each other, furthermore, she is not upset by the outing with Angelica, also because she should go out with Hermes. However, the other is also included in the discussion Manuelawho reveals that the knight was also in touch with her and suggests that until she backed out, he hadn’t shown that he wanted to meet other women. Angelica given the situation he prefers to sit down againwhile also Emanuela declares that she is a little doubtful about the situation. In the end, however, Marco Antonio asks her to go out to dinner together and the lady happily accepts.

Men and Women, Cristian has a report on Virginia, Maria De Filippi defends her

We move on to classic throne con Cristian Forti e Virginia: tronista and suitor argue furiously, after the Roman’s latest declarations and the issue that saw Virginia and Beatriz as protagonists in some audio in which they spoke badly of tronistas. The relationship between the two is particularly heated and both seem firm in their positions. In the studio Cristian accuses the suitor of not feeling interest in him, also given his behavior and he reveals that he had a tip about the girl: between 15 and 16 September, in Rome, Virginia she was on the show to record the external with him and she went to a club in Rome, where she kissed another boy. This report was also confirmed by others Cristian also has the boy’s name.

The suitor admits that she knows this person, because they went out in a group and confirms that they kissedbut she didn’t want to continue the acquaintance with Cristian. Brando he also intervenes and underlines that it is all very well a lack of respect, but Maria intervenes and points out to the boy that beyond everything Virginia was sincere and there’s nothing wrong with it. The presenter understands that Cristian he’s disappointed, but he doesn’t want that Virginia you seem like an unserious girl. The suitor declares that what she sees is the disinterest of Cristian for her and that it seems like this is an excuse to eliminate her.

Brando sits at the study center and Maria reveals that the tronista took it outside Silvia, because the suitor wanted to clarify with him some things that happened in the studio. The girl lets herself go into some confessions about her anxieties, her fears and the two of her get very close, hugging on the grass. In the studio, Silvia explains that she has difficulty letting go on a physical levelbecause he needs to first establish mental contact, his own emotional tranquility. Brando she doesn’t seem very happy with this declaration, because she believes that at 23 she should be more serene and enjoy life. Also in this case Maria De Filippi intervenes to explain to the tronista that the suitor has opened up about an aspect of herself that causes her anxiety and that does not depend on him, but is her insecurity. The tronista, however, does not seem to understand the point of view Silvia and admits that the lack of demonstration on a physical level is a disadvantage. But in the studio everyone tells him that, instead, this means that he will have to commit more to her because just having a pretty face is not enough for the suitor. In the end he decides to continue knowing her.

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