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Sophie Codegoni replies to Basciano: “Slap, insults” and evidence of betrayal

Sophie Codegoni replies to Basciano: "Slap, insults" and evidence of betrayal

Sophie Codegoni returned to Verissimo to respond to Alessandro Basciano’s statements. The evidence of the betrayal and other truths of the ex gieffina: “he insulted me from morning to night and once he gave me a slap”

Sophie Codegoni she returned to very true to reply to statements from her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Alessandro Basciano. Sophie it was a raging river and the accusations against her ex-partner are even more serious than the first interview.

Sophie Codegoni: “Betrayal is the straw that broke the camel’s back but what I can’t forgive is something else”

The former gieffina in addition to confirming the betrayal with some photos he showed, he stated that Alessandro was often offensive and once slapped her.

“I can’t allow him to make me look like a bad guy. It can’t happen that you come, cry and say I won’t show you the baby because I don’t accept it. I found the Alessandro I know, I’d be a liar to tell you that Seeing him cry made my heart ache. I’m in love with this person but I’ve seen a lot of those cries. But how many times do I have to say let’s try again?”

Sophie he then showed in a video in which Alessandro appears in very intimate attitudes with a girl:

“If this means showing respect for a woman, then I didn’t understand anything. If this is normal for me it isn’t. I don’t know this girl and I only spoke to her. I thanked her because a bit of solidarity between women there has been. (…) I don’t forgive. Betrayal is the straw that broke the camel’s back and destroys me but what I can’t forgive is something else. What if this girl is looking for publicity? I thought so I have retold this story in 300 versions, for me betrayal is not just going to bed with someone else. When he says he was deceived, take your responsibilities.”

“Here I think… I’m not insensitive and bad but you didn’t cry when you insulted me from morning to night or when you were with someone else. You didn’t cry there, I was crying… You asked for it, you didn’t think about this when you did the your things. You haven’t thought about us. A confrontation? This is not the time. (…) He was too jealous and I couldn’t do anything. The evidence of betrayal? For me, all the chats where he organizes this trip are betrayal. Not I have a photo of him in bed with her, but I don’t need it. He slapped me in the face because his manager accompanied me to straighten my hair. Even easy swearing hurts. A slap is a very serious thing and even in that case it was ‘I’m sorry but you went to the room with someone’.

Speaking of the fortune teller to whom she would have turned Codegonithe former gieffina declared:

“I think it’s not absurd to say that twice in my life I’ve had my papers done. And he has them done too, by the way. There’s no connection with what happened. Since he says who has proof and chat, show them! I’ve never had this conversation with the fortune teller. I’m leaving you not because a fortune teller tells me you’re cheating on me but because I get photos and videos of you rubbing yourself in the disco.”

The Codegoni he also talked about the Daughter and he reiterated several times that Alessandro he can see her whenever he wants and she has never denied him anything. The former tronista admitted that her mother was not in favor of her relationship with Basciano because the latter often did not treat her respectfully:

“According to him, it’s my mother who plagiarizes me. No one can decide for my life. My mother, it’s true, hoped that this story would end after an episode in which she said something bad to me. I’ve always seen this competition between them on her part I have been angry several times at this hatred but she has always opened the doors to him.”