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One summer ago 1×05 and 1×06: the review – The last dance or the beginning of the dance?

One summer ago 1x05 and 1x06: the review – The last dance or the beginning of the dance?

This penultimate appointment left us burned and speechless. The story of A summer ago acquires more and more clarity, but we cannot say with certainty whether we will be able, for now, to complete the great puzzle of its narrative. Two more episodes and we’ll get to the end of A summer agoeven if at times, it seems that we have been catapulted back to square one: we find ourselves faced with new doubts, but this time about an old friend. But can we really define it as such? We are talking about Adriano, the Friend, the one with a capital L. He is the typical character that each of us will surely have met during our adolescence: that friend who could never have hurt us, but who, 30 years later, is no longer part of our life. Thinking about it now it’s almost ironic if you think back to that phrase he said to his friends, all wrapped up in an embrace: “everything passes, except us”, and instead he passed too. Even the most sincere friendship – apparently – can unfortunately end: sooner or later everyone commits some fault in their life, some in one way, some in another, which is perhaps also the case of Adriano and/or Elio? Is he the key to the truth that we have always had before our eyes?

It is normal that someone may have already had an inkling, that pinch that torments the mind, about what the role of this great friend. Some may have exclaimed “I knew it”, while others may simply have remained speechless. Now, however, that A summer ago has reached its sixth episode, we can start to see that more of something is starting to pop up together with Elio’s memories. There are several doubts, but everything seems to gradually take a precise place in history. Could it be that the trauma that caused Elio to lose all memories is actually linked to Hadrian? More than losing his memory, is it possible that Elio doesn’t want to remember at all what his friend could have done to him in the past? It’s not easy at eighteen to see yourself betrayed by your best friend, imagine if someone dies in the middle.

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But let’s go back for a moment and take stock of the situation. The lawyer Santamaria remembers nothing of the summer which, in one way or another, totally changed his life. We have seen these episodes for a long time A summer ago that he himself wants to come to terms with his past, now more present than ever, contacting some in a more friendly way and some less and finally coming to terms with – even if more taken than given – with that very tormented past, without ever bringing Adriano into play. An absence which, however, episode after episode, during One Summer Ago, was more present than ever.

Elio now finds himself at a point of crisis, not only on a physical and mental level, but also on a love level, since Isotta, having learned of all this her husband has not hidden from her, is tired of still giving voice to a past that seems not never wanting to leave them.

We have arrived at another confrontation, perhaps one of the most revealing: that between Santamaria and Inspector Zancan. Now we have all the photos on the table – or rather, on the subbuteo cloth – almost completing the puzzle of Inspector Zancan, and yet something always seems to be missing.

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Was it an act of love or simple jealousy? Are we faced with the usual cliché or a new stroke of genius?

The fifth and sixth episodes of A summer ago they took us through a bit of a roller coaster. From the various information obtained so far, it seemed to us that the big party of Mamo De Santis (played by Luciano Scarpa e Giulio Tropea) could have resolved at least most of the doubts. Doubts which, over the course of the episodes, have been dismantled to make room for new ones. What is certain is that during the holidays in which chaos reigns supreme, people reveal their true nature: and so it was. The figure of Mamo, already anticipated in previous episodes, has been totally defined, and he has confirmed himself to be the classic daddy’s boy, immune to the rules. It is precisely this aversion to the rules, this being above everything and everyone, which however leads the young man to be blackmailed by Arianna herself. So could it have been him? Or could it have been the honorable father who, having fallen into ruin because of his son, was seized by a homicidal fit against the young woman? None of this.

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On the one hand we have the explicit confession of the journalist, who at the time wrote about Mamo’s scandalous behavior, who sees Adriano as the one who actually brought the polaroids to the newspaper, and not Arianna, as many could easily have suspected. On the other hand we see that it is Elio himself who has the inkling that Hadrian might have something to do with it. If before he was convinced that the VHS could have been recorded by his lover, Roberto Iacopini, we arrive at the end of the episode in which, thanks to a small detail – almost invisible I would add – Elio is led to think of the unthinkable: his great friend was the creator of that video. But then, could Hadrian also be the invisible man who is persecuting Elio?

There are still many doubts to be resolved, but we are certain that the answers will not be long in coming – also because the next appointment with One Summer Ago will see the end of the miniseries come to its definitive end. So we just have to wait, for the last time, and see where this journey goes A summer ago, it will take us between nostalgia and distant memories.

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