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Big Brother VIP, Miriana Trevisa’s shocking confession: ”I only ate one orange a day”

Big Brother VIP, Miriana Trevisa's shocking confession: ''I only ate one orange a day''

In the living room of Storie Italiane, Miriana Trevisan retraces the darkest moment. Here’s what the former GF Vip competitor revealed.

Guest of the Storie Italiane salon, Miriana Trevisan he told ad Eleonora Daniele what it means to deal with the monster of anorexia. The former contestant of Big Brother VIP he gave a very strong testimony, revealing a shocking detail regarding his adolescence.

GF Vip, Miriana Trevisan: this is how she dealt with eating disorders

Protagonist of Big Brother VIP and very ambitious showgirl, Miriana Trevisan she is a woman who is not afraid to talk about even the darkest points of her life. Pago’s ex, invited by Eleonora Daniele to talk about eating disorders in the Storie Italiane studio, revealed that he had suffered from anorexia during her adolescence due to constant comparison with ballet dancers and unattainable standards. Surprisingly, it was her dance teacher who noticed her excessive thinness, since her parents, being always at work, and seeing her for a few hours a day, had not noticed this major problem.

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“I experienced the disease, the triggering event was a dance audition, because I was born as a dancer. I was very lucky because my dance teacher saw me coming in huge sweaters and sweatpants, because I wanted to be skinny, so I could practice it internationally. Go around the world. He saw me as fragile and weak during the diagonals and told me and all the others to take off my sweater, to try not to embarrass myself.”, he revealed Millions.

I was 14 years old, I watched classical dancers and I wanted to become like them. I only ate one orange a day”, he commented, admitting the most painful detail. L’former competitor of GF Vip she confirmed that she had completely gotten over it but that it took her a long time, finding the support of the people present in the studio, moved by her testimony.

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