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My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: “I don’t act, Monica Vitti possessed me”

My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: "I don't act, Monica Vitti possessed me"

Alba Rohrwacher revealed that she didn’t have to act on the set of My Hair Hurts, as Monica Vitti literally ‘entered her unconscious’.

My hair hurts, Alba Rohrwacher: 'I don't act, Monica Vitti possessed me'

Alba Rohrwacher she recently talked about how she put herself in the shoes of a sort of alter ego of Monica Vitti for the filming of My hair hurts by Roberta Torre, in competition in this 18th edition of the Rome Film Festival. In the film Alba she plays a woman suffering from Korsakoff syndrome, a disease that leads her to personally stage Vitti’s films that she usually sees on TV every day.

Monica invents another Monica to talk about herself and confide in, play at being different. She finds refuge and memories in the Monica she finds beyond the mirror. For her, Vitti is the friend that we all would have liked to have, the one to whom we can confess our doubts about love, about men, about life, the one with whom we can exchange wonderful clothes, play, laugh and be accomplices in a suspended time“Rohrwacher explained.

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My Hair Hurts: A scene

Vitti has always been a point of reference for me, an actress and spectator. She is an immense, sublime interpreter who has nourished my imagination. To play this role I literally made Monica Vitti enter my unconscious, I carried her inside me even in dreams“, continued the actress.

“My first memory of Vitti? I think it was the screening of Notte at the experimental cinematography centre. It was early in the morning and for me it was like a shock, I was twenty years old. Competing with her was hard, I did it with so much passion and trust. Of course there was fear, but that is always there for every film. Ultimately I was only following Roberta Torre’s special idea which required us to get close to the character without really embodying it”, concluded Alba Rohrwacher.