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Imma Tataranni 4 is in the works: in the new episodes the love triangle will provide some surprises

Imma Tataranni 4 is in the works: in the new episodes the love triangle will provide some surprises

The article contains spoilers about the third season finale of Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor and therefore don’t continue reading, if you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

The drama opened Rai’s television season this autumn in style. Freely inspired by the novels of Mariolina Venicebroke all records with its finale aired on October 16, which recorded a 27.55% share. These numbers confirm the great popularity of the character played by the talented actress Vanessa Scalera. The secret of the success of this Rai fiction lies precisely in the originality of its protagonist, who does not appear or behave like the other television prosecutors we are used to. Once again the sentimental affairs and investigations of this deputy prosecutor of its own kind they made the public passionate until the surprising epilogue, which opened a new phase in Imma Tataranni’s life. After watching the season 3 finale, fans began to wonder if a fourth episode cycle was planned. Luckily we already have certain news on the fate of this fiction and it is very positive.

Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor will have a fourth season and new episodes are already being written.

To give the good news to fans of the series with Vanessa Scalera they were two very reliable sources. Already during the press conference to present the third season, the director of Rai Fiction, Maria Pia Ammirati, had made it known that there was an intention to make a fourth season of Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor. According to reports the deputy director Ivan Carleiguest at the Matera Film Festival, confirmed that a new cycle of episodes will be made and that the new episodes are already being written. It is still early to know when the new season will be broadcast on Rai 1. However, if the writers have already gotten to work, we could hope that the episodes could arrive on network television next fall.

We already know some details about what we can expect from Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor 4. In the season three finale we left the prosecutor, torn between her marriage with Pietro (now gone adrift) and the feelings that Imma feels for her colleague Calogiuri and which she can no longer deny to herself. For the moment, the protagonist has moved to the house of her lifelong friend, Diana, who will have an even more important role in the next season. But in the new episodes Imma Tataranni will also have to clarify what her heart really desires. Maria Pia Ammirati anticipated it when speaking about the plot of But Tataranni 4 announced: “As for love triangles, there will be some surprises.”. Now all we have to do is wait to find out something more. Meanwhile, if you want to watch the first three seasons of the drama, you can visit the Raiplay catalogue.