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Big Brother, Mirko Brunetti reveals: “Greta is jealous, she doesn’t trust me anymore because…” (VIDEO)

Big Brother, Mirko Brunetti reveals: "Greta is jealous, she doesn't trust me anymore because..." (VIDEO)

Mirko Brunetti reveals the truth live on Big Brother about the crisis with Greta Rossetti.

Mirko Brunetti he spoke again live on Big Brother of her current sentimental situation. When asked by Alfonso Signorini, the new competitor of the Canale 5 reality show tried to clarify his position towards his ex Perla Vatiero and revealed how things really are today with Greta Rossetti.

The truth by Mirko Brunetti

During the last episode of Big Brotherwhich aired yesterday Thursday 19 October 2023 on Canale 5, Mirko Brunetti has let himself go into confessions regarding his relationship with Greta Rossetti. According to the boy’s words, the two would be having an affair deep crisis triggered by the jealousy of the former Temptation Island temptress:

He no longer trusts me because of the deleted message and the fashion show in which Perla was (Vatiero, ed.). The question is so absurd that I can’t give it shape. Of course, for her Perla is a cumbersome figure, a threat, but… Perla didn’t do everything to avoid me. Greta felt hurt, but it seemed like children’s arguments, she behaved like a very jealous person. She always showed me the super confident side of her, and instead she… She put up a wall. She had already decided days ago that she would not come to the parade. What if she has someone else? I hope not. I love her, but I ask myself questions. I have a big question mark inside me.

Despite his doubts, the competitor of Gf he went on to reveal that he had “the chapter closed” with his ex-girlfriend Perla Vatiero:

I don’t think you think about me, it’s a closed chapter. She doesn’t give me emotions (…) I no longer feel emotions for her because I felt them with Greta. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Greta if I still had feelings for Perla.

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