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Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi bursts out during the night against Alex Schwazer: “It’s all false, he wants to win”

Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi bursts out during the night against Alex Schwazer: "It's all false, he wants to win"

Alex Schwazer drops the bomb live on Gf about Beatrice Luzzi.

Beatrice Luzzi literally burst out during the night against Alex Schwazer. The reason? The strong statements released by the sports champion during the obvious nominations for Big Brotherabout one possible crush of the actress towards him.

Beatrice Luzzi against Alex Schwazer

Yesterday’s episode of Big Brotherwhich he saw the elimination of Samira Lui from the game, it was nothing short of crackling. Right at the end, Alex Schwazer dropped a real bomb on Beatrice Luzzi. In fact, the athlete declared live that she, the actress, would have confided to him that she had a crush on him, surprising everyone:

Perhaps the story with Giuseppe was useful for creating further dynamics and arguments. You said that in here you like a man who is already married, but that you don’t want to put him in difficulty. Yes that’s absolutely me. You told me. We were in bed even before the story with Giuseppe. You told me three weeks ago. You told me this here in the bedroom. You said I’m very charming. Then you said that unfortunately I’m married and that you would think about it. If it’s not me then he’s still a married man that she likes.

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Statements that provoked the harsh reaction from Luzzi, who immediately tried to defend himself from the accusations by denying everything. But she didn’t end there. As reported by Biccy, Beatrice returned to the topic after the live broadcast together with Vittorio Menozzi:

Obviously it’s all fake and I never liked it. But do you realize what she said before? That I would like a married man. Then she added that I like him. But I have children outside. This comes and calls into question the fact that in addition to Giuseppe I also like a man with a family. I’ve never liked Alex, for God’s sake. He’s just not my type. He’s out of his mind. I also confided in him about Giuseppe and my children. I told him that I didn’t see him as sincere and that I was afraid of what my children might think on the outside. Besides, Alex isn’t even my prototype. Someone who says such crazy things is a mythomaniac. He wants to win, that’s why he nominates me with ferocious reasons.

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