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Big Brother, Lorenzo Remotti breaks the silence on Heidi Baci’s exit: “It destabilized everyone because…”

Big Brother, Lorenzo Remotti breaks the silence on Heidi Baci's exit: "It destabilized everyone because..."

Lorenzo Remotti comments on the confrontation that took place live on Gf between Heidi Baci and her father.

A few weeks after his elimination from the game, Lorenzo Remotti he came back to talk about Big Brother. Guest at Casa Chi, the former competitor took stock of his journey and commented on the last episode of the reality show, which was characterized byentry into Heidi Baci’s father’s house in Cinecitt√†.

Lorenzo Remotti and the words on Heidi Baci’s farewell

Lorenzo Remotti gave a long interview to Casa Chi, the web format of the weekly magazine hosted by Sophie Codegoni, in which she took stock of her experience in the Casa del Big Brother. The former gieffino, however, also took the opportunity to have his say on the confrontation between Heidi Baci and her fatherThat live he harshly attacked Massimiliano Varrese:

That theme was quite shocking, we were all shocked because we expected that the father could come in and give her advice like all fathers do. I saw the changes she made in front of her father and then the exit destabilized everyone a bit because we didn’t expect it. The message that Heidi’s dad sent was very strong, so it’s normal that everyone was a little destabilized. It was like taking a step back fifty years as Fiordaliso said.

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Remotti he then spoke about his participation in the Gf stating:

Entering Big Brother was something extra and fun, I love my job and what I do. What comes next is taken. I took a few days off because when you leave the house you’re in a bit of a bubble, then I decided to reopen my business (…) My elimination? That’s how it went, I found a stronger opponent (referring to Beatrice Luzzi ed.). End.

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