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The Promise Previews October 19, 2023: Don Alonso humiliates Cruz. His punishment is very severe!

The Promise Previews October 19, 2023: Don Alonso humiliates Cruz.  His punishment is very severe!

Let’s see the previews of the episode of La Promessa broadcast on 19 October 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the Soap episode reveal that Don Alonso punishes and humiliates Cruz. That’s how…

The Previews from the episode of The promise aired on October 19, 2023at ore 16.40 are Canale5they reveal to us that Don Alonso he will get his back revenge on Cruz. The Marquis he will want to punish his wife for what he did with both the brooch and the servants. Not being able to return the precious jewel to his daughter, will impose on his wife to go down to the kitchens and personally thank Lope, Simona e Candelato have gave a helping hand to the whole familyper stop Camillo. Cruz it will be felt deeply humiliated.

Previews The Promise: Is the marriage between Cruz and Don Alonso over?

Tra Cruz and Don Alonso the things have never been simple. From the beginning we understood that the two haven’t loved each other for a long time and that the Marquis still suffers tremendously from the death of his first wife, his true and only love. The However, their relationship has completely exploded a due to the pin stolen by Cruz and sold to pay for his birthday expenses. Don Alonso cannot forgive his wife to have made his daughter suffertaking away a precious jewel that belonged to her mother but unfortunately he won’t be able to do anything to return it to him.

The Promise Preview: Don Alonso ready to punish Cruz

Don Alonso cannot return the brooch to his daughter. The Marquis certainly can’t reveal to anyone that his wife sold a valuable to pay for her birthday. Everyone would understand that the Lujan family has financial problems and would end up living in shame. The nobleman can, however take a little revenge: punish Cruz using another of his misdeeds. Alonso will exploit the story of the fake priest Camilloper humiliate his wife and force her to do an act that she would never have done of her own free will.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Don Alonso forces Cruz to thank Lope, Simona and Candela

Cruz charged More and more times Lope, Simona e Candela to have plotted behind his back and that he had deceived her and her family. The Marchioness never tolerated the fact that her servants hid Lope from her in the kitchen and he wanted to fire everyone. Simona and Candela risked being kicked out ma Don Alonso it is not never been of the same mind as his wife. On the contrary! The noble, to punish his wife, it will force her to thank the chefs personally for their help in tracking down the fake Father Camillo and, in doing so, he will humiliate her so much that it will further damage their relationship.

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