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Fabrizio Corona accuses Rai of censorship and names football betting on Striscia la Notizia

Fabrizio Corona accuses Rai of censorship and names football betting on Striscia la Notizia

Fabrizio Corona, after participating in Avanti Popolo, received the Golden Tapiro from Striscia la Notizia for having been censored by Rai.

Fabrizio Corona accuses Rai of censorship and names football betting on Striscia la Notizia

Fabrizio Corona continues to capture the attention of the television media and beyond, through his pre-announced statements on the players involved in the football betting scandal. Last night, the entrepreneur was a guest of Come on People. During the broadcast, however, she did not reveal the promised names, accusing in the end the Rai Of censor it. After the broadcast of the interview conducted by Nunzia De Girolamo, Corona has names revealed of the players involved a Valerio Staffelli who gave him The Golden Tapir.

Fabrizio Corona doesn’t reveal anything new to Avanzi Popolo

Fabrizio Corona’s interview with Avanti Popolo on Rai 3 did not meet the expectations of viewers, who were awaiting new revelations from the entrepreneur regarding football betting. Despite the alleged fee of around 30,000 euros, Corona did not divulge anything new, attributing this lack to the alleged censorship suffered during the program.

The accusations of censorship at Rai

At the end of the broadcast, in fact, Fabrizio Corona immediately accused Rai of having prevented him from revealing what he promised. In an Instagram story of him she wrote: “I was censored! I did not expect! I’m sorry for all of you, unfortunately I couldn’t, as they assured me this morning, say what I wanted, show on TV the great work that I’ve been carrying out for 6 days without sleeping with my friend Moreno. At a certain point the presenter launched an audio which then it wasn’t even aired. Do you realize? There was the voice of Zaniolo and three Serie A players talking about bets and lots of money

They took the piss out of you and they took the piss out of me. Today you have to make TV yourself. Now I’m thinking about what to do and where to show all the news I found with immense sacrifice – continued Corona – taking risks without any fear because I am a free man and I’m not afraid of anything. I was wrong to come on this program and to promote here such an important and complex investigation that was censored. I’ll get over it and it’ll get over me tomorrow but for you it’s a shame. I am very sorry. After so many years I still haven’t learned the lesson“.

The Golden Tapir and the revelations on Striscia la Notizia

After the episodeas reported in a Mediaset note, Fabrizio Corona was joined by the crew of The news spreads led by Valerio Staffelli. The correspondent of the Canale 5 program gave Corona a Golden tapir following his claim to have been censored by Nunzia De Girolamo.

Even though it had been paid by Raiduring his participation in Antonio Ricci’s program, Corona provided theexclusive on three other footballers allegedly involved in football betting: Stephan El Shaarawy (Roma), Federico Gatti (Juventus) e Nicol√≤ Casale (Lazio). To Valerio Staffelli, Corona also showed a movie in which the players are heard discussing the bets while dribbling, even if it is not clear on which occasion the three players crossed paths on the pitch.