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Imma Tataranni 3, who ordered the attack against Romaniello?

How many episodes does Imma Tataranni 3 have?

Imma Tataranni 3, who ordered the attack against Romaniello?

Who ordered the attack against Romaniello in But Tataranni? Monday 16 October 2023 the grand finale for the fiction arrives set in Matera which prepares the audience for the solution to the great mystery of the season: the truth about Romaniello’s death.

The latter, although convicted for attempted environmental disaster in complicity with organized crime, for external competition in mafia associationand also for being the instigator of the murders of Don Mariano and the witness Pasquale Iannuzzi – later set aside – will never serve his sentence.

The character played by Cesare BocciIn fact, he was murdered at the end of the second season during an attack which ended up involving even Calogiuri. But if the boy, rushed to hospital, fortunately manages to survive the bullets, for Saverio Romanello there is nothing that can be done.

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So who killed Saverio Romaniello last season? This is the big question at the center of the new chapter of the drama broadcast on Monday 16 October with the unmissable finale premiering on Rai 1.

Screenshot of Cesare Bocci (Saverio Romaniello) in
Screenshot of Cesare Bocci (Saverio Romaniello) in “Imma Tataranni” second season, last episode Credits: Rai

Imma Tataranni 3, who killed Romaniello?

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In the fourth and final episode of the third season Calogiuri continues his investigation into the attack against Romaniello which involved him personally, discovering new leads which suggest that the shooting was commissioned by a certain Cenzino Latronicoan entrepreneur linked to the mafia.

However, a disturbing conundrum arises: Latronico died twenty years earlier. However, it is not surprising if we think about how common it is in organized crime to resort to frontmen. And what if behind the figure of Latronico there was instead a living and well-being enemy of Romaniello? Let’s not forget, for example, the boss Agenore Mazzocca that Saverio had captured in exchange for his freedom right before his death.

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Mazzocca was one of the most wanted and dangerous criminals in Italy and his arrest may have stirred things up quite a bit. Could his men be behind Romaniello’s death?

While waiting for the truth, we remember that this mystery begins to increasingly influence Imma Tataranni’s private life, especially when an element from the past influences the protagonist’s current events through a revelation made by her mother in a moment of clarity. Regardless of what the answer will be at the center of this intricate mystery, in the end they will all emerge involved and upset.