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Imma Tataranni 3, who killed Sara?

Imma Tataranni 3, who killed Sara?

Imma Tataranni, who killed Sara?

Who killed Sara in final of But Tataranni 3? The last episode of the Rai on drama opens with an unexpected twist Vanessa Scalera now in its third season. By title The price of freedom, the fourth and final episode ends up causing our protagonist’s personal and professional life to collide once again.

The victim of the final episode, in fact, is not a person like the others, given that he is of Pietro’s lover, Imma’s husband who thus ends up being the prime suspect in the crime. How will the issue be resolved? And above all, who really killed Sara? Was it Pietro?

Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) in a scene from the first episode of
Vanessa Scalera (Imma Tataranni) in a scene from the first episode of “Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor 3”. Credits: Rai

Imma Tataranni 3, Pietro and Imma break up?

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The fourth and final episode of the third season of But you see me opens with several questions, both those related to the truth about death of Romaniellothan those on the murder of Sarapaleontologist and lover of Pietro which the latter began to secretly frequent from Imma.

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It will be Pietro himself, after discovering the woman’s body in the archaeological museum where they were supposed to meet, who will be the one first suspect of the murder. It goes without saying that betrayal ends up disappointing and deeply upsetting Immawho therefore understands that he can no longer deal with such a personal case, therefore asking for a period of leave.

Despite this, during the episode, Imma still decides to give her husband a big hand by bringing the real murderer to justice and saving him from prison. Rai previews reveal that, despite the resentment, in the end Imma will manage to frame the real culprit, thus saving Pietro’s fate. But it won’t be the same for their marriage.

While waiting to discover the name and surname of the culprit of Sara’s murder, we can imagine that, after this latest murder, unfortunately there is no happy ending for Imma and Pietro. All the details during thelast episode.