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How does Imma Tataranni 3 end? The end

Imma Tataranni 3, who killed Sara?

How does Imma Tataranni 3 end?

How it ends But Tataranni 3 on Rai 1? After keeping viewers company for three prime time slots, the long-awaited season finale of the drama is set for Monday 16 October 2023 set and filmed in Matera back with new investigations and new mysteries to solve.

First of all the one on death of Romaniello, the main case of the third season which ended up becoming Calogiuri’s obsession. Will the truth about Saverio’s death come out in the end? And what will become of Imma and her family crisis? All answers coming Monday 16 October 2023 with the unmissable season finale.

Alessio Lapice as Calogiuri in the second episode of “Imma Tataranni 3” entitled “Liberaci dal male”.  Credits: Rai.
Alessio Lapice as Calogiuri in the second episode of “Imma Tataranni 3” entitled “Liberaci dal male”. Credits: Rai.

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(WARNING: do not continue reading the text if you do not want to read major spoilers about how it ends But Tataranni 3 season)

Is titled The price of freedom the fourth and final episode of the third season of But you see me broadcast on Rai 1. This opens with many twists, as in the case of the death of Sarapaleontologist and lover of Pietro that the man had begun to secretly frequent from Imma.

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It will be him, after discovering his body in the archaeological museum where they were supposed to meet, who will be the one first suspect of the murder. It goes without saying that betrayal ends up disappointing and deeply upsetting Immawho understands that she can no longer deal with a case so close to her by asking for a period of leave.

In conjunction with the great Imma crisis we find Calogiuri’s secret investigation on the death of Romaniello. After weeks of investigations and false leads, the policeman finally comes into possession of a name. From the information gathered, it seems, in fact, that the entrepreneur in cahoots with the mafia ordered the execution Cenzino Latronico.

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However, it is a ghost of the pastthis man being dead for twenty years, who makes a surprising appearance in Imma Tataranni’s private life through a revelation from her mother in a moment of clarity.

Meanwhile, Imma discovers the true identity of the culprit of Sara’s murder, saving her husband but not her marriage. Not happy with her, Imma even decides to confront Caloguri once and for all, who thus reveals to her a truth so shocking that it involves her directly, again. What is it about? The answer during the finale broadcast on Monday 16 October 2023 from 9.30 pm on Rai 1.