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Yellowstone – Montanans say the series ruins the ranches’ reputation

Yellowstone - Montanans say the series ruins the ranches' reputation

Yellowstoneare Paramountwith protagonist Kevin Costner as the iconic John Dutton he tells the impossible dream of an eternal past. The series follows the events of the Dutton family, owners of a ranch in Montana, who find themselves threatened by developers hunting for land, as well as being in constant conflict with the adjacent Yellowstone National Park and the local indigenous reserve.

The success of the series has had a positive impact on tourism in the state of Montana, but there are also residents of the state who claim that Yellowstone ruined the reputation of the ranch owners.

Yellowstone led to a boom in tourists in Montana

An article from The Washington Post revealed the impact of the series created by Taylor Sheridan: in 2021 people who visited Montana spent as much as $730 million; Two million of the visitors surveyed reported that the series encouraged them to visit Montana, according to the study.

Lucy Beighle, director of communications for Glacier Country Tourism, confirmed the positive changes that have occurred in the tourism industry. She says:

We’ve definitely seen an increase in interest because of Yellowstone. If Montana wasn’t already on the list of places to visit, if people have seen it Yellowstonenow it certainly is.

Merchandise inspired by the series with the Dutton family at the center, such as cowboy hats, fuels tourist spending. Kim Parker, manager of the Western Outdoor store, says: “Some people want us to model hats like Rip’s. Ladies want the Beth Dutton look. They always want to know what hat you are wearing”.

There are those who believe that the Paramount series does not portray ranch life in Montana accurately

However there are those who believe that Yellowstone gives an untrue image of the reality of the ranches. Hillary Folkvord, who runs a motel and restaurant, says the series also causes problems by inaccurately portraying life in the area. The series portrays Montana as the Old West with numerous shootings and assassination attempts, thus contributing to “ruin your reputation” of those who own a ranch.

Furthermore, the series would lead viewers to have misconceptions about the climate in Montana. Folkvord adds: “It doesn’t show the difficult days when temperatures are below zero.”

Nathan St. Goddard, a café owner, is also aware of the significant impact of Yellowstone on the tourism economy but also on the misconceptions it has generated. The series is set in Montana but filmed in Utah and always features perfect weather. St. Goddard says:

“One thing I noticed is that Yellowstone it was only filmed in summer, so people are amazed by the cold and wind that blows here. It feels like 80 degrees and perfect temperatures on the show.”

Yellowstone achieved great success for Paramount and got spin-offs, including 1883, 1923 e 6666, still in development. The projects also include a spin-off involving Matthew McConaughey. As for the fifth season, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes slowed down filming; we don’t actually know when we’ll be able to see it on Paramount.