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The OC – Mischa Barton’s traumas after the TV series: «I will go to therapy for my whole life»

The O.C. – I traumi di Mischa Barton dopo la Serie Tv: «Andrò in terapia per tutta la mia vita»

Mischa Barton is remembered by millennials for playing the role of one of the protagonists of the popular teen drama The O.C.

Loved as much as hated, Marissa Cooper has managed to win the heart of Ryan Atwood (and the viewers). The privileged and tormented teenager thrilled the public thanks to her fluctuating love story with the protagonist and her dramatic private events. Marissa, in fact, hid a great fragility behind her unbridled and apparently perfect life. Unfortunately this was a trait the interpreter had in common with her character. The experience of Mischa Barton in Hollywood it was anything but positive and it left indelible marks on her soul, which she has not yet managed to eliminate. The actress began working in films at a very young age, aged just 9, and when her fame inevitably overwhelmed her, it had a devastating effect on her.

Mischa Barton spoke about the extremely difficult time she experienced at the time of The O.C., which left her with traumas from which she has still not been able to free herself.

When the popularity of the FOX teen drama exploded, it made its protagonists very famous and quickly turned them into idols for teenagers. Mischa Barton found herself celebrated as an It Girl at 17: all the little girls wanted to be like her and the media commented on her every misstep. The fame, which suddenly overwhelmed her, created many problems for her, as she explained in an interview given to Sunday Times:

I will go to therapy every day for the rest of my life. But everything I had to go through, especially in my twenties, left me with traumas that won’t go away easily. I wasn’t prepared for that level of fame and it’s not something I hoped to achieve. I would have much preferred to be an unknown person.”

In his case, popularity had a sad downside: the loss of privacy. The paparazzi began to stalk the star of The O.C.waiting for her to commit a misstep to immortalize. The actress compared the absurd situation to that of the film Hunger Games, since the reporters were willing to do anything to get the information they wanted: they followed his car, climbed the walls of his house or paid the staff of the restaurants he frequented. This prevented her from having a normal life and led her to not trust the people around her. As she recalled, the persecution of the paparazzi, the betrayals of her ex-partners and friends, the comments of haters on her body have created indelible scars:

What I did was never enough. They showed the utmost cruelty towards the body of a young girl. It was absurd. (…) It was shocking to understand that that kind of evil exists in the world. AND I asked myself why me, what I had done to attract her.

Mischa Barton hopes that today the public has learned the lesson and will no longer torture young stars in this way. He trusts that the denouement of the Britney Spears story opened everyone’s eyes to the treatment of some stars of the early 2000s.