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Gen V 1×05 – Short Memory

Gen V 1x05 - Short Memory

Warning: avoid reading if you don’t want to encounter spoilers on Gen V 1×05

Gen Vthe first official spin-off of The Boysis proving more and more to have its own identity, as well as growing maturity from episode to episode. For Gen V, the real litmus test is represented by the moment in which it manages to completely detach itself from the original series, making us forget, at least temporarily, the inevitable connection with it. It seems like an impossible mission, yet the series is taking a very interesting direction, characterized by intrigues and evil plans that take place within the university itself, as if it were a world apart, a self-sufficient microcosm. In the fifth episode, in particular, viewers are made aware of a series of facts that completely divert attention from Vaught’s delusions of grandeur, limiting the field to the “only” God U, Godolkin University, scene of mysterious disappearances and confusing events which, until now, had short-circuited not only the main characters, but also the fans themselves, especially at the end of the last episode, when the protagonists are catapulted from one dimension to another without an apparent logical explanation, which however is arrived in this latest, controversial episode. Our review of Gen V 1×05.

Perhaps we had underestimated God U as an autonomous entity, therefore detached from Vought, both for different interests and for the authority demonstrated in solving internal problems on campus without necessarily “inconveniencing” the company that was the driving force behind everything.

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Godolkin University, led by a Indira Shetty is increasingly mysteriouscurrently in command of the campus, is proving episode after episode to be a very solid reality: after the brief and inconclusive intervention of the ambiguous Tek Knight in the last episode, Indira has regained control of the movements within the campus from her manned, demonstrating that God U doesn’t need Vought’s support to look after their flock. In fact, the ending of the last episode had already left us with some perplexity, from the moment in which Marie, Jordan and the others find themselves, completely out of nowhere, in the middle of a party, despite the fact that they were trying to calm Sam’s hot spirits until shortly before. The protagonists they wake up the following morning without remembering anything, and this immediately makes us understand that someone at the top is manipulating their every movement without them being able to notice it. Suspicion immediately falls on Rufus, a campus student gifted with psychic powers such as telepathy, as well as an extraordinary ability to manipulate people’s minds, confusing them at will. Rufus is certainly a subject to keep an eye on, but more than being Shetty’s perfect henchman, he is a sociopathic pervert who uses his powers for the basest purposes, and Marie knows something about it, given that she fixed him properly the last episode.

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Rufus, although his powers are truly amazing, cannot be the only mind behind the plot hatched by Godolkin, because his perverted mentality is too limited; there is someone else acting directly from withinabove suspicion and in agreement with the principal Indira Shetty: Cate. The ex-girlfriend of the late Golde Boy, Luke, as well as Andre’s current girlfriend, is the real mole that allows God U to control the group’s actions. Cate has a unique power: he is able to control people’s minds simply by coming into physical contact with them, even just touching them with your hand, and this is precisely how she plagiarized everyone’s minds, even if the motive is not yet clear, given that the sense of guilt that grips her at the moment is perceptible in which she is unmasked. But Cate is not only guilty of having disoriented her friends in the last period to make them lose track of Sam, who had just escaped from the Woods, in fact, Sam himself reveals to us that Cate has always acted as a kind of infiltrator, working directly on Luke when he attempted to free his brother. Now it is legitimate to ask ourselves, rather, how long this manhunt has been going on, and how many times the boys have been close to freeing Sam and discovering the truth about the Woods in the past.

But, beyond Cate’s involvement, the biggest discovery of this episode of Gen Veven if only mentioned, concerns the purpose of the experiments that regularly take place in the Bosco, a mysterious place of torture.

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In fact, the ambiguous doctor Edison Cardosa, in conversation with the principal Shetty, mentions a virus he’s working on, a mysterious project that would serve to control the supers, if not actually decimate them, given that the situation seems to be increasingly out of control. Cardosa reveals that he has set his sights on Mariethe protagonist of Gen V, due to the rarity of the powers at its disposal; Marie could therefore be the missing key to the shady research taking place at Godolkin, an institution which, as the episodes pass, seems more and more like a cover for actually carrying out experiments and analyzes of all kinds on supers, rather than a training center for Vought’s puppets of the future. Gen V 1×05 contains the first important turning point of the entire season: on the one hand, the boys discover that they cannot even trust each other, although the reasons that pushed Cate to act as an internal manipulator are still to be clarified, also because it is she herself, at the end of the episode, who gives Andre his memory back, almost as if to repent of what has been done and ask to be forgiven; on the other hand, although characters like Dr. Cardosa and Principal Shetty continue to act in the shadows, without giving sufficient display of their personalities, the game becomes more and more dangerous, and it will be interesting know more details related to the Forest, as well as the plan itself. The fact is that Godolkin University is increasingly establishing itself as an influential and autonomous entity, in some ways disconnected from Vought, giving not only to Gen V a clear and defined identity, while giving back to the entire universe of The Boys an unexpected and surprising depth.