Saturday, February 24, 2024

Elodie receives the Golden Tapiro d’Oro from Striscia la Notizia and reveals the truth about Iannone

Elodie receives the Golden Tapiro d'Oro from Striscia la Notizia and reveals the truth about Iannone

Elodie receives her first Golden Tapir from Valerio Staffelli, Striscia la Notizia correspondent, and reveals the truth about the crisis with Iannone.

Elodie received her first Golden Tapir by the correspondent of Strip the News, Valerio Staffelli. Not wanting to, he brought the singer to talk about the alleged matter crisis with Andrea Iannone. Here’s what happened.

Elodie and Andrea Iannone: Valerio Staffelli pinches them like this

Despite some daring and unwelcome deliveries, it is common for VIPs to willingly accept the Golden Tapiro by Striscia la Notiziahistorically delivered by the envoy Valerio Staffelli, ready to reward the protagonists of the most current and trashy gossip of the moment. Also Elodie received his first Tapir, due to the controversy sparked by the déshabillé photos published on Instagram for the launch of his new single “A fari spenti”.

Elodie defended her right to show yourself without veils as it was for some very great male artists, who have never been criticized for this reason just because they are men. Various voices and influencers known as Giulia Salemi and others intervened on the issue, all in favor of Elodie and the provocative image she wanted to give to her new project, but the controversy that arose was so great that it led Staffelli to reach the singer in Milan.

And it is precisely at this juncture, despite not wanting to, that Staffelli reveals the truth about the alleged crisis with Andrea Iannone: crisis that does not exist since the singer and the Moto GP rider were together, complicit and happy, having an aperitif with some friends. No crisis, therefore, for one of the most beautiful couples of the last season who lives a peaceful love but sometimes far from social media. Meanwhile, she commented ironically on the delivery of the Tapir, declaring: “No, no because I really like it. It’s really a passion of mine.” It’s my way of expressing myself. I have always worked a lot with my body too“, and thus silencing the haters.