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Resvrgis, the disturbing horror teaser trailer starring Ludovica Martino

Resvrgis, the disturbing horror teaser trailer starring Ludovica Martino

The first teaser trailer for Resvrgis, the horror film directed by Francesco Carnesecchi, which will be previewed at Alice nella Città during the Rome Film Festival, has been released. The protagonist is Ludovica Martino.

It has arrived teaser trailer Of Resvrgisthe horror film directed by Francesco Carnesecchi and played by Ludovica Martino. The film will be presented in the Panorama Italia ad section Alice in the cityon 27 October in Rome, as part of the Film Festival. It is Carnesecchi’s second work, and comes later The match of 2020. Horror and survival are already suggested by these first images…

Resvrgis, the plot of the film with Ludovica Martino

In Resvrgis it tells of one hunting triporganized by Sara (Ludovica Martino) and his friends in a bosco. However, they don’t imagine that someone is hiding there disturbing creaturelinked to a past yet to be discovered: a presence that will soon transform i hunters on the prowl helpless in the face of his fury. And at that point it will just be a matter of being able to to survive. Co-produced by Illmatic Film Group, Beetlefilm and Red Carpet, the feature film features, in addition to the actress from Sotto il sole di Riccione and Skam Italia, also Beatrice Fiorentini, Blu Yoshimi, Beatrice Modica, Daniele Mariani and Thomas Santu.
The director explains:

Resvrgis is a dark thriller that catapults the protagonists into a remote area of ​​the Simbruini Mountains (between Lazio and Abruzzo, ed.), where history and legend merge into a single denominator: mystery. Historical testimonies like the Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder confirm the presence of werewolves already in 77 AD. In those days different practices were practiced cultilike that of Blood Moon during Lupercali, and it was the Roman Emperors who were the first to hunt down the Weres. Resvrgis plays with the local mythologymixing it with pop culture and the language of horror cinema, to tell the metamorphosis of a suicide and her resurrection.