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Amici 23: Raimondo Todaro sends a dancer to challenge, here’s who it is (VIDEO)

Amici 23: Raimondo Todaro sends a dancer to challenge, here's who it is (VIDEO)

In the daytime of Amici 23 a dancer discovered that she could abandon the talent show next Sunday.

Amici 23: Raimondo Todaro sends a dancer to challenge, here's who it is (VIDEO)

Bad news for a dancer Amici 23Sunday afternoon will go in challenge and risks leaving the talent show. In today’s daytime Chiara Porchianello, also known for being one of Giulia Stabile’s best friends, discovered that Raimondo Todaro challenged her. Here’s her reaction.

At Amici 23 Raimondo Todaro sends Chiara Porchianello to challenge

Today, in the daytime of Amici 23, four dancers they were called by production to the break room for an urgent communication. Marisol, Gaia, Sofia and Chiara, for a brief moment, hoped that the teachers had prepared one choreography that involved them all. However, things went very differently compared to the girls’ expectations, especially for one of them.

Once they reached the room, they learned that one of them would end up in challengeand the name that appeared on the LED was that of Chiara Porchianello of Emanuel Lo’s team. “I didn’t expect it“, he commented, hypothesizing that it was the one who sent her into the challenge Raimondo Todaro. In fact, it was the former Dancing Under the Stars professional who made the decision.

Raimondo’s words

Dear Chiara, I’ve only known you for a short time but I have clear ideas about you… you’ve studied a lot and I highly doubt your room for improvement… your dancing doesn’t tell me who you are“, wrote Raimondo. The professor explained that during the casting he noticed a dancer who particularly impressed him, and for this reason he decided to challenge the two girls.

Chiara’s reaction

The words used by Todaro, “crafted and constructed“, they injured Chiara, who exploded cry. She was comforted by the other dancers, in particular by Gaia, who invited her to focus only on the challenge without thinking about her opponent.