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Ludovica Martino from Skam Italia to Vita da Carlo 2: “I’m Santa Claus, I buy the decorations much earlier”

Ludovica Martino from Skam Italia to Vita da Carlo 2: "I'm Santa Claus, I buy the decorations much earlier"

Our interview conducted at Castiglione del Cinema with Ludovica Martino, who after the success of Skam Italia is on the crest of a wave with Vita da Carlo 2 and we will soon also see her in the film Resvrgis by Francesco Carnesecchi, presented at Alice nella Città.

Ludovica Martino from Skam Italia to Vita da Carlo 2: 'I'm Santa Claus, I buy the decorations much earlier'

Ludovina Martino he is certainly experiencing a golden moment, confirming himself as one of the most promising young Italian stars. We met her at Castiglione del Cinema, the new festival that colored Castiglione del Lago in the province of Perugia, where she was the surprise guest of one of the evenings of the event. So young (26 years old) already a surprise guest at an event: “It has a wonderful effect on me also because I didn’t know the location and it is truly evocative. For me it is always an honor to meet the public when there is an opportunity because they are the ones who keep us going and the drivers of our work, that is excite people. Furthermore, I am always grateful on these occasions, like Laura Delli Colli who wanted me for this chat”.

Towards Italian cinema

Resvrgis Ludovica Martino

Resvrgis: Ludovica Martino in the film

Ludovica Martino will star together with other promising young stars of Resvrgis second work by Francesco Carnesecchi (The match) which will be presented premiered at Alice nella Città in the Panorama Italia section. A hunting trip that turns into a fight for survival for a group of kids. So is it reasonable to expect a supernatural fantasy? Ludovica replies: “I don’t want to give spoilers but you could because horror is always a bit unpredictable. They are kids who have this idea of ​​going on a hunting trip in the woods. Hunting-woods-kids are three elements that shouldn’t be mixed together (laughs The forest won’t be very kind to them.”.

Under the Amalfi Sun 5

Under the Amalfi sun: Ludovica Martino, Lorenzo Zurzolo in a scene from the film

A film that seems to give us confirmation of a certain rebirth of genre cinema in Italyespecially among young authors: “I think we have some great authors on genre cinema. I’ve seen some horror films in recent years by emerging directors that I respect a lot and who I would have liked to work with and some very interesting female roles like those of Matilda Lutz that I would have liked to play. It’s interesting and difficult to open a path in the genre, ours was also an ambitious project and the producer was extremely courageous because this type of work requires particular effort, but then it pays off”.

My Brother, My Sister, Ludovica Martino: “Today you always seem to be there but in reality you are not there”

Skam Italia: the beginnings and what to expect from the sixth season

SKAM Italia: the protagonist Eva in a scene from the series

SKAM Italia: the protagonist Eva in a scene from the series

Skam Italia is the series that launched the young actress and has now reached its sixth season, expected soon on Netflix. From her character, Eva Brighithe story of this remake of the Norwegian original has begun and thinking about the actress is very touching: “It was one of the first things I did. I was in the cast of Everything can happen together with Benedetta Porcaroli, Matilda De Angelis, Valentina Romani and other actresses at the beginning. I think back to that girl of just 18 who approached this world and to this job. I will always be grateful to that series that got me started. What you’re looking for when you start out in this job is for someone to trust you at least once, that was my chance. Such a big role in a series so important. I look back at those years with nostalgia.

Skam Italia Eva

SKAM Italia: Eva

Among other things, it was a very important series for Italian teen dramas today, because he really spoke to young people thanks to the writing of Ludovico Bessegato: “It was 2017 when we started shooting it so for me many years have passed, when you are a teenager you change very often from one year to the next, you are no longer the same person. At that moment it was a bit like exorcising my teenage years, I was two years older than my character. It was a bit like tracing and reliving my adolescence by playing Eva and they were dramas and traumas that I empathized with well because I was in the character’s age range. This was fundamental, often interpreters are hired who are not really teenagers. For me it was the right project at the right time, I felt extremely similar to Eva’s school and adolescent dynamics, if I had to do it now I wouldn’t be able to understand certain situations. Sometimes when we are teenagers details make us suffer but then as we mature we change this point of view. I wouldn’t call it therapeutic or cathartic but it prolonged my adolescence a bit so to speak.

Shame Italy 2019 3

Sam Italia: a scene from the series

From the sixth season incredibly he didn’t want to know anything: “I didn’t want to read it. I’m not very present in the new episodes, but I want to be there because I like going back to say hello to old school friends, you always have to be grateful for the projects you started with. This year, however, I chose to don’t read and know anything, my character didn’t need to know, it’s very marginal to the story. I know who the main character will be and what the theme will be but I can’t reveal them, otherwise they’ll kill me, the same goes for the window exit (laughs)”.

Life as Carlo 2, Sangiovanni: “Meeting Ibrahimović on set was magical!”

Life as Ludovica

Life From Carlo 2 Ludovica Martino Carlo Verdone

Ludovica Martino with Carlo Verdone in Vita da Carlo 2

Ludovica Martino is currently in the cast of Vita da Carlo come new entry of the second season. A series that tells us about Carlo Verdone’s typical day which is essentially characterized by chaos and madness. In a hypothetical Life as Ludovica What would a typical day be like for the actress? “Carlo’s life is really messed up (laughs), luckily mine is less so. On the set I realized how crazy Carlo Verdone’s real life actually is because various things happened that proved it. My life has a big part dedicated to work but that’s not all: I graduated, I also have other interests, I’m not just a workaholic. I do pilates which relaxes me a lot, I listen to music, I plan trips which is my favorite activity. If I go on a trip I already think about to the next one, I already find myself on Sky Scanner scrolling through the flights. Now, for example, I have the Christmas markets planned, finding out which ones are the best and where they are holding them so I can go. I’m really Santa Claus (laughs) and I’m going to buy decorations much earlier. The themed shop on Via del Corso in August is like a playground for me!”.

Life of Carlo 2 Sangiovanni Carlo Verdone

Life of Carlo 2: a scene with Sangiovanni

His character in Life as Charles 2 it’s a over the top version of herself, a fundamentally slutty and snobbish Ludovica. A whim she indulged in by reciting: “I had a lot of fun because you can really make fun of yourself to the max. Obviously I’m not like that, I hope it was understood: the character is deliberately exasperated, but it was also a way to make fun of many actresses who do this and which I found happened to meet. They are extremely ridiculous and I wanted to focus on what I saw firsthand. I was inspired a little by those divisms. It is extremely nice to have the freedom to be self-deprecating with yourself and take it to an excessive level , almost on a razor’s edge, between reality and Ludovica”.

Img 0066

Life as Charles 2: a scene

Even one courageous choice if we want, so young, because perhaps not all of them would have lent themselves to making fun of each other: “I won’t deny that I was very scared when I read the script because I was actually putting my name and surname and my face in it. But then I told myself that it was something I could do with Carlo Verdone and it was indeed liberating. I only thought about having fun, even when I treated Carlo very badly on the set, my character got in his head, I was afraid Verdone’s fans would hate me and he instead was convinced they would laugh. In the end he was right and I hope no one you think I’m really like that. But it’s true that it was courageous on my part, probably the recklessness of my young age”.