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Fedez a Belve, the rapper reveals why he wanted to participate in Francesca Fagnani’s program

Fedez a Belve, the rapper reveals why he wanted to participate in Francesca Fagnani's program

After his release from the hospital where he had been hospitalized, Fedez revealed the reasons that led him to be a guest on Francesca Fagnani’s program. Here’s what he said!

The name of Fedez in recent days he has appeared several times in the newspapers and gossip pages: the rapper, in fact, had been hospitalized urgently for a haemorrhage caused by two ulcers. But his name was also attached to the failure to host in Belvethe program Rai conducted by Francesca Fagnani.

Fedez a Belve, the rapper reveals why he wanted to participate in the program

Interviewed by The Corriere della Sera, Fedez he told what had motivated him to want to participate in Francesca Fagnani’s talk show and on whose hosting Rai had placed a veto. The Viale Mazzini company had justified the rapper’s no in the program, revealing that there were economic reasons behind it, but nothing to do with the actions of Fedez at the concert on May 1st or for the Sanremo Festival scandal with Rosa Chemical.

To the newspaper, the rapper revealed the reasons why he wanted to participate in the program:

“I wanted to talk, especially to young people and to those who feel misunderstood, about mental health. Mental health is a topic that concerns many young people, boys and girls. Perhaps, listen to my experience, precisely that of a person who is thought to be happy because it has everything, it could have helped them feel less alone. Or to say to themselves, well, then it can really happen to anyone. For me, looking for a reference helped a lot: when I discovered the disease, I looked for someone who was experiencing the same situation as me or at least similar to mine.”

The rapper continued by saying that this message would also be shared by the presenter and producer of the talk, Tombolini, also seen increases in requests for psychological help from young people. Per Fedez, this will be one of the most debated topics in the future and therefore he felt it was right to be able to talk about it on a state TV program. On purpose of Rai’s veto on his presencethe singer commented:

“Let’s say I wasn’t welcome. They didn’t want me. And they made a statement that I found unpleasant. Do you know why? Because I was in hospital, dying and had no chance to reply. I found it particularly lacking in attention on a human level. And then I learned one thing from Rai: when you go on stage to talk about politicians, Rai doesn’t like it, because there is no cross-examination. But in my case too there wasn’t any, therefore, I note that it is only a rule unilateral, which they apply whenever they like.”