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Beautiful: Recasting and SORAS, here are the narrative techniques for changing the face of a character and making him age prematurely

Beautiful: Recasting and SORAS, here are the narrative techniques for changing the face of a character and making him age prematurely

In Soap Beautiful we have seen several times a character change face and age – and a few times get younger – suddenly. These bizarre phenomena are called Recasting and SORAS. Let’s find out together what it is.

Let’s move away from the Previews for a moment and find out some curiosity are Beautiful and on techniques used by screenwritersper revive and always keep alive the Soap plots. Among the many strategies used to animate the stories of the Los Angeles fashion house, two stand out for their greatest use. We’re talking about Recasting and of SORAS. But what are they and how were they used?

Beautiful: what is Recasting

Perhaps you have already understood it from the name of the strategy, the Recasting is the change of the interpreting actor of a specific character or theassignment of a part a a different actor, from the first one. This technique was used a lot in Beautiful. In Italy we have it recently seen with Taylor, now played by Krista Allen but what for years he had the face of Hunter Tylo. In the United Stateseven more recently, was the RJ’s turncharacter for years played by Anthony Turpel e ora da Joshua Hoffman.

To undergo Recasting there were also characters like Donna, Katie, Ridge (how can we forget Ronn Moss), Thorne, Rick, Bridget, Thomas, Live, Hope and even Steffy.

Beautiful: this is what SORAS is

A technique typically used in soaps and the Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndromeabbreviated to SORAS and which in Italian is translated into Rapid Aging Syndrome in a soap opera. It’s about the phenomenon with which and character changes age from one moment to the next and without the necessary time having passed, and become older or younger. Actually rejuvenation is used very little. In The Bold and the Beautiful it was used perhaps only once, to bring the twins Phoebe and Steffy back to adolescence, when previously they were 14 years old.

Aging it is definitely most used, especially with childrenThat they become adolescents or adults, much faster. Just think about HopeThat as a child she quickly became an adult o a Bridget and even more recently, in the American episodes, the little Beth, who according to the natural passing of the years should have been 2 and not 4 years old. This expedient is obviously used to make the “little ones” interact with the older ones and to be able to develop more interesting and intriguing stories about them. The Bold and the Beautiful is among the soaps that have used this technique the most, born in US and British soap operas and currently used in South Korean and Australian soap operas as well. To avoid annoying the public and make him do the right calculations, the character subject to SORAS he comes made to disappear from the plots for a whileand then reappears older and obviously played by another actor, especially if you want to show him grown up.

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