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Le Iene, Veronica Gentili brings up Belen Rodriguez: what she said and the public’s reaction

Le Iene, Veronica Gentili brings up Belen Rodriguez: what she said and the public's reaction

Veronica Gentili makes her debut in Le Iene on Italia 1 and greets Belen Rodriguez. Here’s what happened.

It officially debuted there new season of Le Iene are Italia 1 e Veronica Gentili with her, having taken the place of Belen Rodriguez at the helm of the program. During the first episode, the new presenter brought up her colleague, here’s what she said.

Le Iene, Veronica Gentili talks about Belen Rodriguez

Although the nature of his estrangement is still in doubt Mediasetamong those who believe that the showgirl has fallen into the group of people who Piersilvio Berlusconi she wanted to eliminate from the internet and anyone who thinks it’s true that she needed a break from the small screen to dedicate herself to her companies, Belen Rodriguez she is no longer the presenter of Hyenas. In his place there is Veronica Gentili who last night wanted to say hello to his colleague.

But now I would really like to do something that I didn’t do at the beginning. I would like to greet with great affection the person who preceded me on this stage and who hosted Le Iene for over a year. Let’s give a big round of applause to Belen Rodriguez”, declared Veronica, followed closely by Max Angioni who admitted that he missed the beautiful Argentine very much. At this point Veronica made it clear that Belen will soon be the guest of one of the episodes of the new season.

Own kinda few days ago, talked about the new television challenge and talked about Belen: “I didn’t know any of the previous hosts. I can say about Belen that she is a very good professional, but we are very different. Comparisons don’t make much sense, they’re just the classic exercise you do with women (…) When did they ask me to host Le Iene? At first I wavered, they offer you the most beautiful thing in the world but up until now my attitude has been different. I had to think and metabolize before saying yes”. Although she is not a famous presenter, the public appreciated the first episode of Le Iene and also the greeting that Veronica gave to her colleague, proving herself ready not to follow the path of gossip.