Saturday, February 24, 2024

Still I Rise: filming of the documentary film about the non-profit organization nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize is underway

Still I Rise: filming of the documentary film about the non-profit organization nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize is underway

Filming is underway on the documentary produced by Greenlandia with Rai Cinema on Nicolò Govoni’s international organization.

The production company Greenland announced that it had started work on a project “STILL I RISE – When school saves lives” which tells about the international non-profit organization nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023 founded by Nicolò Govoni, himself nominated for the Prize in 2020. It is a documentary film directed by Giuseppe Marco Albano and written by Nicola Vicinanzaproduced by Matteo Rovere e Leonardo Godano Of Greenland in collaboration with Rai Cinema.

The press release released explains that “in most of the world, school is a crucial environment for development, in which to grow, train and find self-fulfillment. Then there are places where school saves your life. The mission of non-profit organization Still I Rise is to resolve the global school crisis by emancipating the most discriminated against, poor and vulnerable children thanks to a cutting-edge educational model that aims to ensure excellent education, free of charge, to all the children of the world”.

The docufilm therefore aims to tell the stories of these little protagonists, of their daily life in the structures created by Still I Rise. The project is described as “a journey that will cross the most tortured corners of the Earth. We will discover some of the most complex contexts in the world, where the little ones usually have no future”.

“Nicolò’s story has a unique power, capable of moving people, changing lives, making us see the better world in which we could all live if only we wanted to. For Greenland it is an honor to be able to tell this journey together with Rai Cinema, with the hope of being able to bring to many not only a way of experiencing school, but a way to exist together, opening our arms towards those who fight every day not to destroy, but to build” declares Matteo RovereCEO of Greenland.

Per Nicolò GovoniPresident and CEO of Still I Rise, “It is an unprecedented dream to see our work immortalized and spread throughout the world thanks to cinematographic art. Our work in the field and our work in raising awareness at an international level are equally important, and we are certain that the collaboration with Greenlandia and Rai Cinema will allow us to reach like-minded spirits like never before. It’s the absolute greatest opportunity we’ve received yet, and our gratitude is limitless. We can’t wait!”