Friday, March 1, 2024

Dancing with the Stars: here are all the dancer and VIP pairings

Dancing with the Stars: here are all the dancer and VIP pairings

All the pairings for the new edition of Dancing with the Stars have been revealed: here is the complete list.

There’s very little time left until the first episode of the eighteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars. The next October 21stthe dancing show of Rai 1 conducted by Milly Carluccithe first episode will be back on air with a stellar cast of 12 aspiring VIP dancers ready for the (sometimes) severe judgment of he swearswhose names (all confirmed) were announced last week by the presenter and artistic director.

Dancing with the Stars: the pairings between the 12 VIPs and the professional dancers

Yesterday, from the official social account of Dancing, all the combinations between VIPs and professional dancers have been revealed. Here is the complete list:

  • Carlotta Mantovan – Moreno Porcu
  • Teo Mammucari – Anastasia Kuzmina
  • Simona Ventura – Samuel Peron
  • Rosanna Lambertucci – Simone Casula
  • Paola Perego – Angelo Madonia
  • Lorenzo Tano – Lucrezia Lando
  • Wanda Nara – Pasquale La Rocca
  • Ricky Tognazzi – Tove Villfor
  • Lino Banfi – Alessandra Tripoli
  • Antonio Caprarica – Maria Ermachkova
  • Giovanni Terzi – Giada Lini
  • Sara Croce – Luca Favilla

All the dancers from the previous edition of the program have therefore been confirmed in the cast.