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After 5, the final chapter brings Tessa and Hardin back to Prime Video

After 5, the final chapter brings Tessa and Hardin back to Prime Video

After Everything is the fifth and final chapter of the film saga based on Anna Todd’s novels: will Tessa and Hardin be able to make peace? The film is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

The showdown is coming for Tessa e Hardinprotagonists of the last chapter of the film saga of After. Available streaming on Prime Video starting from 3 October 2023, After 5 will bring the Hardin drama back to center stage. Now far from Tessa with a broken heart, the protagonist is forced to face the consequences of his actions. To interpret it is once again Hero Fiennes TiffinWhile Josephine Langford It’s Tessa.

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After Everything, the last chapter of the saga with Tessa and Hardin on Prime Video

After Everything will bring Hardin’s romance drama to the forefront once again. Devastated by Tessa’s voluntary departure from his life, Hardin is trying to ride the wave of success after publishing a personal novel, which draws inspiration from his love story with Tessa, a choice not exactly appreciated by the girl in question who he will prefer to walk away rather than stay by his side. In After Everything, the last chapter of the film saga based on the novels of Anna ToddHardin leaves for Lisbon intent on recovering his relationship with Tessa, but first he needs to repair the damage of the past, which is why he reunites with Natalie, an ex of his. By spending time in his company, Hardin will find the courage to forgive himself and project himself into a future alongside Tessa. Meanwhile in the States Nora and Landon they are planning their wedding, a momentous occasion for the couple breaking out as both Tessa and Hardin are invited to the wedding. Will they be able to make peace? Meanwhile, Hardin needs to overcome his writer’s block. If he fails to write his next novel, he will have to return the advance money.

The fifth chapter of After also introduced some precious new entries, first of all Mimi Keene, who plays Natalie. The actress is best known to the public of Sex Education, where she played Ruby. Also Benjamin Mascolo he joined the cast of After 5 and plays Sebastian, a friend of Natalie’s who is not a fan of Hardin. They also come back Stephen Moyer e Louise Lombard. Hero Fiennes Tiffin specified that apologizing to Natalie is part of an important process for Hardin:

He has so much past trauma and confusion in his head that he can’t show the best version of himself to others unless he heals himself first. Hardin is aware that he owes Natalie a big apology. Apologizing is an important part of the growth process: it is an assumption of responsibility and it takes a lot to admit that you have made a mistake.