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Men and Women, Gemma Galgani remembers the first kiss with Giorgio Manetti: “It was interminable, I was dazed and incredulous”

Men and Women, Gemma Galgani remembers the first kiss with Giorgio Manetti: "It was interminable, I was dazed and incredulous"

The first kiss with the seagull: Gemma Galgani’s tender and romantic story on the pages of Men and Women Magazine.

On the pages of Men and women Magazine, Gemma Galgani he writes a column in which he has entertained readers for years with the wonderful story of his life. Stories, full of details in which you can recognize the sweet and delicate gentle soul of Galgani.

Men and Women, Gemma remembers the first kiss with Giorgio: “He took my face in his hands and we lost ourselves in a wonderful and interminable kiss”

This week, the Turin lady of the throne overhe recalled with emotion the first kiss with Giorgio Manettithe former Tuscan knight for whom Gemma he completely lost his mind.

It was exactly January 12, 2015, when Maria had three men, who had just joined the male parterre, sit down in the study center to introduce themselves and tell something about themselves. Among them was a cute face that, at times, took on almost boyish expressions, but with a determined and confident look, in short, I couldn’t wait to hear his voice too. After endless minutes, it was finally her turn: «My name is Giorgio and I come from Florence …». Pure Tuscan I thought and, as we know, Tuscans have a fast track with me! And then also handsome, charming but reserved, a little on her side, a nice speaker and with that strong accent that is so dear to me. She said she wasn’t there to look for a one-night stand with a woman, since that could easily be done even outside the program, but she wanted to meet a partner with whom she could embark on a journey together. In short, as she spoke, I felt my eyes transform into palpitating hearts! So, while I was trying to keep within myself a negative opinion about Giorgio, for having addressed Barbara, who was twenty years younger than me, I received a phone call from the editorial team to tell me that Giorgio – yes Giorgio – he had asked for the possibility of leaving me his mobile number. Incredulous, astonished and, to say the least, surprised that this elegant and confident gentleman had thought of me, I accepted his number without even knowing at that moment whether I would have had the strength to call him. When he called me, here was Giorgio’s voice, persuasive and decisive at the same time, with that Tuscan accent that is so dear to me.”

Gemma he told of their first outing together, which immediately culminated in passion kiss which overwhelmed her with emotions:

Without too many pleasantries he told me that we could meet the next day halfway between our cities, in Genoa. And here we are walking in Genoa, on that wonderful promenade of Corso Italia with the heat of the sun on our faces and the boundless blue of the sea before our eyes. After a few steps without a precise destination, as if we were two magnets, we stopped at the same moment in front of each other: without saying a word, Giorgio took my face in his hands and we lost ourselves in a wonderful and endless kiss, careless of the people and the traffic while he, with an unexpected yet delicate gesture, loosened my hair which I used to wear tied up with a small clip…

“When we managed to separate our lips I felt literally dazed, dreamy and incredulous, as if in a sort of ecstasy, and yet it was all true… that charming gentleman, refined in his ways, elegant and polite was there for me. That kiss, just that kiss sealed the beginning of a period of my life that was indescribable, romantic and passionate at the same time.”

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