Big Brother, contestant reveals an unexpected backstory about a famous and beloved singer: “He was in love” (VIDEO)

Angelica Baraldi tells Big Brother about her mother’s love story with Vasco Rossi.

Time to unexpected confessions to Big Brother. Angelica Baraldi he surprised his fellow adventurers by revealing that his mother, many years ago, was courted by the singer Vasco Rossiwho has them the song is also dedicated “Susanna”.

Angelica surprises everyone at the Gf

Angelica Baraldi she let herself go to one truly unexpected revelation which shocked everyone both inside and outside the Casa del Big Brother. Talking with Fiordaliso, Beatrice Luzzi, Heidi Baci, Paolo Masella and Marco Fortunatithe young competitor of the new edition revealed that his mother had a love affair with rocker Vasco Rossi:

And nothing, Vasco fell in love with my mother. They went out for a while. But she was 16 and he was 26. There were 11 years difference. There was quite a big age difference and she was very ashamed when he went to pick her up from school. At that age 11 years was a long time. He already sang, but he wasn’t a famous singer like now. Yes he was beautiful at the time, with those ice blue eyes… crazy, he showed me some photos. Then nothing, suddenly Vasco then tells her to get in the car claiming that he has to make her hear something. And he puts on the cassette with the song ‘Susanna’. Yes, he had written it for her. One of Vasco’s first albums is an old song…

And yes, she fell in love with her best friend, her DJ partner, Daniele. So Susy abandoned Vasco. He took it quite badly, poor thing, also because he was with her best friend. But Daniele was my mother’s first love. The first serious love story, for 3 years they were together.

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Angelica he went on to also reveal that he had the pleasure of get to know Vasco personally:

In 2017 my mother surprised me and took me to meet Vasco Rossi. We went there because he always goes to this bar. He saw us from outside and recognized my mother. He was super happy. Then he turned and Daniele was there too and he said ‘ah there you are still here’. There were a lot of people in front of that bar.

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