The Locarno Fillm Festival in Milan, screenings and meetings over the weekend

Locarno will present some of its most significant titles in Milan over the weekend, from 29 September to 1 October, including exclusive screenings and meetings. Here is the program.

Come back next weekend, Locarno a Milano, dal September 29th to October 1st, with a rich programme, represented by a selection of 9 of the most significant titles from the latest edition of the Festival, the 76th, all in original language and subtitles in Italian. The appointment is in the heart of the city, at the historic building Harlequin Cinemafor three days of screenings and a round table on the state of Italian cinema.

Done in collaboration with the Cineteca di Milano and Filmidee, and thanks to the generous support of the Cariplo Foundationthe event brings Locarno a Milanowith screenings, meetings with directors, including Laura Ferrés, Annarita Zambrano, Basil Da Cunha e Simone Bozzelli and current affairs discussions to discover new trends, talents and perspectives in the world of Italian cinema.

This is how Giona A. Nazzaro, artistic director of the, comments on the appointment Locarno Film Festival. “Thecarno a Milano it is more than an extension of the program of the 76th edition of the Festival: an active dialogue in able to put in network the best of world cinema with the most exciting energies of new Italian cinema. From the rediscovery of a pre-Hays code cinema classic such as California Straight Ahead to the imaginative cinema of Bertrand Mandico and the surprising first work The permanent imagefrom the sensorial immersion of The rise of the human 3 by Eduardo Williams diving into the musicality of D’Terra Manga by Basil Da Cunha. Locarno a Milano it is also an opportunity to speak: with Simone Bozzellidirector of Patagonia, Annarita Zambranoauthor of the sensual Rossosperanza e Tommaso Santambrogiorevealed by The oceans are the true continents. Locarno a Milano it is new, emerging, young cinema, presented in the largest Swiss festival that meets the Italian public. An exciting dialogue that continues and is tirelessly renewed.”

Find the complete program of events and screenings on the Cinetecamilano website.

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