The comeback of The Wolf of Wall Street: Scorsese’s film with Leonardo DiCaprio is already a hit on Netflix

Released in 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese recently landed on Netflix, experiencing extraordinary success and entering the ranking of the 10 most watched films on the streaming platform.

Martin Scorsesewho hates top 10 films, as he recently declared, will perhaps be happy to know that The Wolf of Wall Street is recording high ratings on Netflix, demonstrating that films continue to live even when they are no longer in theaters. Once upon a time, home video was responsible for the rediscovery, but today we have to thank streaming platforms.

Released in 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street tells the true story, and therefore the rise and fall, of Jordan Belfortan enterprising New York broker who led a life of excess, defrauded his clients, helped the FBI, was sentenced to 36 months in prison and, once released, began holding paid motivational courses to repay his his victims. Belfort wrote an autobiography which Martin Scorsese he loved it.

The global comeback of The Wolf of Street

The daring story of the “wolf” of Wall Street earned the director the highest gross of his entire career. At the Oscars, however, he missed the mark because he didn’t win any of the golden statuettes he was nominated for. The protagonist Leonardo DiCapriohis fifth collaboration with Scorsese, still got a Golden Globe. She would also have loved the Academy Award, as demonstrated by her disappointed expression when it was announced that the winner was Matthew McConaughey per Dallas Buyers Club. Returning to the present, Netflix was happy to announce that, in the week of September 18th to 24th,The Wolf of Wall Street it placed sixth in the English language film rankings, with 3.2 million visitors for a total of 9.7 million hours of viewing.

Possible reasons for success

Of course the revival of The Wolf of Wall Street may have several explanations. On the one hand, it is possible that those who saw it at the cinema and loved it wanted to review it. Then, there is Leonardo DiCaprio, who is considered, even by very young people, an excellent actor. And what about Matthew McConaughey and the scene in which, beating his fist on his chest, he sings a song? Also Jonah Hill it was amazing, no doubt about it, but it is more likely that the film is back in vogue because the release of Killers of the Flower Moonwhich then has some elements in common with The Wolf of Wall Streetfor example the 3 hours of duration and the presence of Leonardo Dicaprio. If the film gets a good result at the box office, definitely on Netflix The Wolf of Wall Street it will get even better.

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