Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in theaters around the world, not just the USA

Surprisingly, the singer announced that the concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will not only be in theaters in the USA, but will be distributed in cinemas around the world starting from October 13th.

There is some news regarding the distribution Of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. The singer has in fact announced that the expected distribution in American theaters, from October 13th, it will no longer be alone: ​​yes, a negotiation is underway with distributors in 100 countries for a worldwide diffusion of the film, possibly around the same date. Taylor therefore has the intention of dominating the world…

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour conquering the world, not just the USA

Taylor Swiftwho among other things experienced the cinema with a participation in Amsterdamas well as personally dealing with regia of several of his VIDEOwrote a precious announcement on Instagram, aimed at all his fans: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tourthe monumental concert film directed by Sam Wrench, will go beyond the release in 4,000 American theaters (IMAX included). Here are the singer’s precise words:

The tour isn’t the only thing we’ll bring around the world. I’m thrilled to tell you that The Eras Tour concert film will now officially arrive in cinemas ALL OVER THE WORLD on October 13th!

At this point we expect an explicit announcement for theItaliabut according to Dark Horizons the Negotiations with distributors in as many as 100 countries are still ongoingby the American chain AMC Theatres and its partners, who strongly believed in the operation. The projections of US box office analysts they talk about a scary first weekend for a product of this type, an outcome from 100 million dollars domesticallysufficiente a rendere Taylor Swift The Eras Tour the highest gross ever for a concert filmeven before crossing the oceans.

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