Run The World 3 won’t be there: Starz cancels it

Run The World 3 won’t be there

Run The World 3 will not be there. Although the series garnered excellent ratings from audiences and critics, in the end Starz decided to bring down the curtain on the ensemble comedy starring Amber Stevens West about a close-knit group of black women living in Harlem who face life and relationships together.

The news of the cancellation was reported by the reliable TvLine which also mentions the closure of other projects such as Heels, Blindspottingand even the first season of The Venery of Samantha Bird still in development.

The reason for the cancellations could be that, thanks to the strikes of Hollywood screenwriters, the cable network wanted to make room in its programming, thus interrupting the wait for the future of its shows that remained pending.

Previews on Run The World 3

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The television series tells the story of a group of best friends African American women in their thirties living in Harlem: Whitney, Ella (who does not appear in the second season), Renee e Probe. Since the third season has not been confirmed, the story of the three protagonists officially ends.

Cast di Run The World 3

The three protagonists of the TV series were played by Amber Stevens West (Happy Together, Ghosted, The Carmichael Show), Bresha Webb (Marlon, Unsolved, Weeds) e Corbin Reid (The rules of the perfect crime, Valor, Blair Witch). Here is the cast of the previous chapter.

  • Amber Stevens West: WhitneyM
  • Bresha Webb: Renee;
  • Corbin Reid: Probe;
  • Stephen Bishop: Matthew;
  • Although Morohunfola: Ola;
  • Erika Alexander: Barb;
  • Nick Sagar: Anderson;
  • Jay Walker: Jason;
  • Isha Blacker: Phlip Houston;
  • Comedian CP: Preston Thurgood.

Run The World 3 episodes

It stops at a total of two seasons for sixteen episodes the TV series Run The World. Leigh Davenport he created the series and served as its executive producer. Rachelle Williams-BenAry she joined as showrunner and executive producer in the second season. Also Yvette Lee Bowser she was executive producer. Lionsgate TV was the studio.

Trailer di Run The World

Run The World in streaming

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The first two seasons of Run The World remain available exclusively for streaming on MGM+the streaming service that allows users to watch STARZ/Lionsgate titles.

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