My Home My Destiny September 27, 2023: Mehdi apologizes

My Home My Destiny 2 puntata 18 della soap

Wednesday 27 September 2023 The eighteenth episode of the second season arrives in streaming: Infinity continues on Mediaset My Home My Destiny 2 with episode 18.

The soap opera Turkish program that Mediaset has broadcast since 10 July continues, but no longer on Canale 5 but rather in streaming. The programming of The House Where You Were Born is Your Destiny – this is the original title – is scheduled from Monday to Friday starting from midnight exclusively on Mediaset Infinity after the farewell to Canale 5. Below are the previews of theepisode 18 in streaming da Wednesday 27 September 2023 within the programming week scheduled for 25 to 29 September 2023.

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My Home My Destiny 2, previews Wednesday 27 September 2023

In the episode of My Home My Destiny 2 of September 27, Mehdi is devastated by Zeynep’s request for divorce, to the point of going to seek advice from the people closest to him. The man cannot understand what has happened and wonders how he can try to make up for the end of his marriage. His temper has always proven to be the main obstacle for Mehdi to overcome. Yet in the most delicate situations the latter seems to refuse to maintain control, with often devastating consequences for himself and those around him.

My Home My Destiny 2 trama episodio 18

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Burhan is determined to recover his relationship with Mujgan and does everything to show her that there has always been only her in his heart. Their reconciliation takes an important step, and the couple seems increasingly closer to breaking the deadlock. Mehdi decides to follow Nuh and Cemile’s advice and apologizes to Zeynep. Yet this seems not to be enough: the time for regrets is now over. Despite Mehdi’s apologies, Zeynep decides to proceed with the divorce application. This is a very painful decision for Zeynep, who decides to open her heart and talk about it to her mother Nermin. Only she will be able to give her the right advice about her complicated situation with Mehdi.

Come vedere My Home My Destiny 2 su Mediaset Infinity in streaming

Where to see it today’s episode Of My Home My Destiny streaming? This and all the other episodes of the Turkish series are available exclusively on Mediaset Infinity, a free Mediaset platform. To log in you need to create an account. Personal data and other essential data are sufficient, which you can also provide through a social profile.

My Home My Destiny 2 today’s episode

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Today’s episode of My Home My Destiny is available from midnight on Wednesday 27 September 2023 on Mediaset Infinity, continuing the weekly appointment on the streaming platform currently scheduled from Monday to Friday. As anticipated, the Turkish series – starting from September 4th – leaves the schedule daytime of Canale 5 to move to Mediaset Infinity. However, the programs remain unchanged Beautiful, Terra Amara e The promise.

My Home My Destiny 2 diretta

There is no longer a so-called “live” broadcast My Home My Destiny, since the Turkish soap is no longer broadcast on Canale 5 but is, for the moment, only available on Mediaset Infinity. The platform is accessible on personal computers and Macs in a “browser” version and in an “app” format that can be downloaded from the app store for smartphones and tablets.

My Home My Destiny 2 replica di oggi

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Here too, the “replica” theme becomes a little more anachronistic since the episode of My Home My Destiny today’s replica is always the same, that is, the one uploaded daily always on Mediaset Infinitythe streaming service previously known as Mediaset Play.

The platform allows you to recover programs broadcast on Mediaset networks even after they have been broadcast, on demand, like a “rerun”. It’s not a real replica, but it’s as if it were. The first season of the soap is broadcast, in repeat, on La5 from Monday to Friday starting from 6.05 pm with one episode.

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