Men and Women, Previews of recordings: clashes in the studio, freezing shower for Gemma Galgani

Here’s what the Previews of the new recordings of Men and Women reveal. While Donatella and Silvio don’t tell each other, Gemma Galgani’s dream of love is shattered.

In the new recording of Men and Womenafter having told of having joined the knight in Cagliari and having spent some wonderful days with him, Gemma Galgani receives a cold shower from Maurizio. Discussions also for Donatella and Silvio, While Brando lets himself go with Beatriz. Let’s see them all together Previews.

Men and Women, what happened between Gemma and Maurizio

The new ones were held a few hours ago recordings of Men and Women not Previews they are already very interesting. Gemma Galgani she followed the advice and flew to Sardinia to be close to Maurizio. Tina Cipollari she promoted this meeting, hoping to receive spicy news from the two lovers. Instead, Maurizio did not take advantage of Gemma’s presence in Cagliari, choosing not to share the hotel room that Tina had kindly booked for them with the Turin lady.

Gemma is disappointed but the situation worsens when Maurizio confesses that he had invited him out that same evening, another lady which intrigues him a lot. In short, an icy shower for Galgani just when everyone thought it might be the right time with Maurizio. While the relationship between Aurora and Marco was not the topic of the day, Silvio and Donatella put on a show at the center of the study as protagonists of a new fiery clash. Let’s then move on to Classic Throne with the young tronista Brando. After several outings, having become aware of the suitor’s choices, Brando and Beatriz kissed making the studio explode, which sees this couple very well.

Brando, however, also came out with Silvia e another suitor, which made the audience of Men and Women turn up their noses, already making claims on the tronista. According to those present, in short, the girl in question would have exaggerated the ways to end up at the center of attention, making Brando’s throne even less credible, which already does not enjoy public approval. This year, in fact, Maria De Filippi took a gamble by choosing two tronistas in their early twenties, who therefore do not give the idea of ​​wanting such a long-lasting relationship, especially since they both ended up at the center of reports after a few hours of their official presentation. Finally, the Recording previews reveal that Manuela Carriero she is continuing to focus her path on suitors Carlo e Michelewhich seem to have totally captured his attention.

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