Men and Women, previews Maurizio Laudicino disputed by Gemma and Elena

Today, Wednesday 27 September 2023, the new episodes of Men and Women were recorded: let’s find out what happened in the new appointments with Maria De Filippi’s dating show.

Today, Wednesday 27 September 2023, the new episodes of Men and women: let’s find out what happened in the new dates with the dating show Maria De Filippi. Here are the previews released by the Instagram page of Lorenzo Pugnaloni.

Men and women, Maurizio continues dating both Elena and Gemma

Throne over: Maurizio continues his acquaintance with Elena and they both talked about the evening they spent together. The two simply talked trying to get to know each other better. The situation, however, does not please Galgani who expressed a certain disappointment at Maurizio’s desire to meet other ladies. In any case, the knight wants to continue dating even with Gemma. In yesterday’s recording, the Turin lady and the knight said they spent a weekend in Livorno but did not sleep together despite having a double room booked by Tina.

After the heated discussion adventure between Silvio e Donatellatoday in the studio they made peace. Then e Angelica they went out together but the knight doesn’t seem to be really interested in her. Barbara he asked Alessio e Gianluca to be more enterprising because she would like to be courted.

As for the classical throne, Brando he went to pick up Raffaella who left the studio yesterday. He convinced her to return to continue her journey and they hugged. Cristina he went out outdoors with Virginia but she is convinced that he is being influenced by Beatriz because he overheard a conversation in which the latter said that she was sure that he still liked her Cristian.

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