Men and Women, Manuela takes Carlo outdoors, but in the studio she is focused only on Michele (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Manuela Carriero was the protagonist of a heated discussion with Michele, one of her suitors, almost completely ignoring Carlo, with whom she was on an external trip. Here’s what happened.

Today at Men and women we start again from the over throne with the situation of Gemma Galgani e Maurizio Laudicinio, just returned from Sardinia. The classic throne sees Manuela protagonist of a heated discussion with Michele.

Men and Women, Manuela and Michele discuss: is the suitor an exhibitionist?

Despite many difficulties, Gemma she left with Maurizio for Sardinia, as also demonstrated by the videos that the two shot of their Sardinian stay. But in the studio, both the commentators Tina Cipollari is Gianni Sperti That Barbara De Santi they encourage the Turin lady to open her eyes, because it is clear that the knight at the moment feels nothing but friendship for her, also given the way in which he behaves towards her. Maurizio he states that he gets along very well with the lady and that at the moment they have no intention of giving a definition to their relationship, but his words trigger further criticism from other ladies in the female parterre who they see only friendship in their relationship and they try to convince Gemma of the truth. In her turn, the Turin lady is convinced that the knight likes her, but she senses that he is being held back by something.

When the presenter Maria De Filippi reveals to her that there is a new suitor for her, the lady appears hesitant, because she feels she is interested in Maurizio and he doesn’t know if he wants to meet other knights. The one to intervene is Tina which forces the newcomer to come forward: Gemma she has no intention of understanding the truth, therefore, she will take care of unblocking the situation. The knight in question is called Filippois a 68 year old retired financial advisor, and came down specifically to meet Gemma. However, the lady, although grateful for her attention, prefers to send him away. A heated discussion opens between Aurora Tropea e Barbara De Santi: the first accuses the second of denigrating her, because she said that she seems older than her in the conversation regarding Alessio, hurting her enormously. By Santi he does not tell them and declares that it is not an offense, but only a statement of fact. Also Tina intervenes reminding ad Aurora who has said everything about the ladies of the parterre, therefore, should not complain about a truthful comment.

Space for classic throne con Manuela which he took outdoors Carlo: during their outing, by the sea, the tronista and her suitor chat and a certain intimacy is created between them, even when due to the heat Manuela invite Carlo to take off his shirt if he’s hot. While walking, the suitor realizes the discomfort that Manuela he has to let himself be touched and promises her that he will respect her times, because he wants her to be at ease. In the studio, Michele he is annoyed by the attitude of the tronista because he says he doesn’t like braggarts, but then he lived an externship with Carlo shirtless, but the tronista replies that before thinking about what she does, he should check his attitudes towards Brando and Cristian’s suitors. The production airs a film in which Michele he is joking with Dea and shares a coffee with her. Manuela also admits that a photo published by Michele on her Instagram profile while she is in the changing rooms of the program annoyed her a lot, because it gave her the idea that she is an exhibitionist. Furthermore, she reveals that she made the decision not to take him outdoors.

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