Maria Corleone Previews: the Third Episode airs tonight on Canale 5

Third appointment on Canale5 with Maria Corleone, Fiction with Rosa Diletta Rossi. Let’s find out together what will happen in the episode broadcast tonight.

Third date, this eveningWednesday 27 September 2023 – con Maria Corleonethe Fiction in onda your Canale5at ore 21.30. Rosa Diletta Rossi it is Maria, a woman torn between her family – with a very heavy past – and a bright future, built after many sacrifices and dramas, forced to make choices that will change her life forever. Let’s discover them together Previews from the third episode in onda Today:

Maria Corleone Previews: here’s what will happen in the third episode broadcast tonight

Maria returns to Milan to complete his I dream of becoming a stylist. The girl wants to finally create her own fashion brand but she knows that – returning to the city of Milan – she will have to lead a double life. Lucadisappointed in her, will continue to keep an eye on her. They nest in him mixed feelings: on the one hand there is still great love for his ex, on the other a deep hatred. However, Maria doesn’t have time to dedicate herself to romantic matters; in fact she must be careful of a powerful Calabrian familywhose attention he attracted and which is ready to stop her climb to success. Unfortunately for Corleone, someone very dear will lose their lifeto pay – in his place – the hard price of power.

Let’s discover together cast of Maria Corleone:

  • Maria Corleoneplayed by Rosa Diletta Rossi: and the protagonist of this story. She moved to Milan to become a stylist and seems to have made it. Unfortunately, a tragic event will lead her to have to completely review her life and her priorities but above all to have to choose between blood ties and love for a man from whom she is expecting a child and who represents all the values ​​against the family her;
  • Luca Spadainterpreted by Alessandro Fella: He is Maria’s partner and future father of their child. Born and raised in Milan, he became a prosecutor. His great love for justice and truth will conflict with the life and past of his partner;
  • Don Luciano Corleoneinterpreted by Fortunato Cerlino: he is Maria’s father and head of the Corleone family. A man firm on his principles and firm in his decisions but also capable of doing anything for the good of his children. Crime is part of his life but on the sole condition of not losing the respectability of his clan. Suddenly he will find himself having to make perhaps the most difficult decision he has ever had to make;
  • Rocco Baresiinterpreted by Giuseppe Tantillol’Afredo D’Angelo from Mare Fuori: Maria’s longtime friend and belonging to the rival Corleone family. He is immediately accused of the death of Maria’s twin brother even though the protagonist will continue – alone among all – to believe him innocent. Rocco will help her overcome the pain of Giovanni’s death but it will be clear that he has always felt and still feels a great love for her.
  • Stefano Corleoneinterpreted by Vittorio Magazzù: he is the baby of the Corleone family but also the black sheep. He is in fact a fervent anti-mafia activist and does not hesitate to attack his father. Due to his idealism, which makes him fragile in a den of vipers, he will be distanced from all his loved ones.
  • Rosa Corleoneplayed by Aglaia Mora: she is Don Luciano’s wife. A silent but omnipresent woman, a caring and gentle mother but capable of doing anything to protect her children.
  • Sandra Corleoneplayed by Federica De Cola: she is Don Luciano’s middle daughter as well as the sweetheart of the house. Like her brother Stefano, she lives in the constant idea of ​​being less loved than Maria and Giovanni. For this reason she dedicates herself to her work as a doctor and to her husband Antonio. She ardently desires a child, but it never comes. Surprises, however, are around the corner.

Maria Corleone: the plot of the new Canale5 drama

Maria Corleone is a storyin four prime time slotsOf a determined woman but at the same time, torn between his family – and a very heavy past, colluding with the mafia – and a future built by overcoming fears and dramas.

Maria has left Palermo per move to Milanwhere – after much effort – he is about to realize his dream Of become a stylist. There is next to her Luca Spadail his partner but also prosecutor. I due they are expecting a child. The Corleone is though forced to return to her islandto celebrate theanniversary of his parents and right there, it comes involved in an attackThat it will change his life forever. The death of his twin brother will force her to enter into the complicated and bloody dynamics of his family, colluding with the mafia and inside the criminal mechanisms. Seeking revenge and redemption, he will come to terms with his own conscience, to defend not only all his loved ones but also the honor of the Corleones. However, all this will lead her to collide with justice and with Lucawhich represents it.

Great twistsdecisions about what is right or wrong, will lead us to discover characters full of contrasting emotions but also to answer a question that the protagonist will constantly ask herself: in a criminal and all-male way, how can a woman act, torn between the call of blood and a new life that awaits her, far from everything and everyone?

Maria Corleone it goes on air Canale5 at ore 21.30.

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