La Mala Sky TV series: release, plot, cast

What is La Mala, the Sky TV series?

After successes like Criminal novel e Gomorrah – The series, Sky announces the next project dedicated to a new crime saga: The bad TV series is the still provisional title.

Let’s talk about the new Sky Original production inspired by successful docuseries The bad which brings to the stage the story of organized crime in Milan in the seventies. I’m the one writing it Stefano Sardo (1992-1993-1994, A relationship, The invisible boy) con Chiara Battistini e Paolo Bernardellialso directors and co-writers of the original docuseries.

The news of the realization of the project arrives on the occasion of the presentation of the 2023/2024 schedules.

When La Mala TV series comes out

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As for the release of the episodes, at the moment we still don’t know when The bad TV series could debut on Sky. In fact, since this is a project still in development, and has not entered production, it is likely to see it during 2024.

Plot La Mala, what is it about?

What is the first season about? The bad? Milan, between the 70s and 80s the city began to breathe a different air dictated by the birth of a new generation of criminals.

Dangerous, violent and even fascinating, it’s sometimes hard to stay away from well-known names like Francis “Angel Face” Turatello, he who wants power; Renato Vallanzasca, “The Handsome René”the one who aspires to fame; Angelo Epaminonda known as The Theban the number one aspirant. To put a spoke in their wheels will be a policeman all in one piece and different from the others, agent Achille Serra.

La Mala cast, actors and characters

At the moment we still don’t know the actors chosen to play the protagonists of the first season of The bad series coming soon.

How many episodes of La Mala are there?

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We still don’t know how many episodes the first season will consist of The bad. However, Sky Studios, GreenBoo Production and MIA Film produce.

Trailer La Mala, does it already exist?

Since it has not yet entered production, at the moment there are no official clips or images of the Sky project.

La Mala streaming, where to see it

In streaming, as it is a Sky Original series, The bad TV series will be available exclusively on Now.

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