Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Diletta and Vittorio get together? What we know

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Diletta and Vittorio get together?

Land asks to Vittorio whether he can update the Venuses on the interviews in episode 12 of season 8. Diletta, meanwhile, is already at work. She is a dynamic woman. She says it herself with the smile and Landi notices it. Now Diletta has become a famous journalist. She would have every reason to go to her head. She, on the other hand, is there to write for Heaven. Landi thinks she is in Paradise for Conti. There is nothing left between Vittorio and Diletta, according to Conti. “I like women!” Roberto replies and it makes us smile a lot. Vittorio admits that he enjoys spending time with her, but only because she is a good journalist. The Ladies’ Paradise 8, Diletta and Vittorio get together (seeing as Landi makes a non-veiled reference to what they feel for each other?).

When Diletta interviews him for the Paradiso Market issue, the tenderness between the two is palpable. Vittorio hated questions. He turned red in front of everyone. Conti bets that she was sure from an early age. When did you overcome your insecurity? Conti isn’t playing the game. This is an adult memory! Then he gives in. “That child never completely left. Even though now I’m used to speaking in front of a lot of people”, every now and then that child needs to be reassured.

The Ladies’ Paradise 8, Vittorio chooses Diletta and forgets Matilde?

Barbara Venturato (Diletta D'Ambrosio) in a scene from
Barbara Venturato (Diletta D’Ambrosio) in a scene from “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: Rai

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Beloved learns that Vittorio he will collect the award with Matilde in episode 13 of season 8. Is the showcase a past story or the story between the two of them? She is a journalist. She’s used to keeping her eyes open. The evening before she met Matilde and Tancredi. Conti and Frigerio still look at each other in a certain way. Landi fans the flames, giving Diletta hope. Matilde is still happily married. Instead, Roberto caught glances of understanding between D’Ambrosio and Conti. Diletta is pleased. Neither The Ladies’ Paradise 8, Does Vittorio choose Diletta and forget Matilde? This remains to be seen. For the moment – that is, after watching the following scene – it seems so…

Diletta talks about the exhibition she saw. She liked it a lot. As far as managing work and free time is concerned, she does very well. Diletta makes fun of him. It’s not her fault. She is a woman and she can do multiple things at once. “Working with you is a constant challenge” admits Diletta. “There are so many things to do that it would be a shame to get bored” says Vittorio. Diletta is a non-conformist and invites Vittorio to dinner. D’Ambrosio assures him that the evening will not be disappointing at all.

One evening is fine, but will it be enough to forget Frigerio once and for all? We have doubts…

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