Big Brother, Paolo Masella and Marco Fortunati discussing Beatrice Luzzi (VIDEO)

Paolo Masella on Big Brother: “Beatrice’s attitudes are childish”.

There is no peace for Beatrice Luzzi who, after clashing with Massimiliano Varrese, ended up in the sights of Paolo Masella. Without too many minces, the young competitor of Big Brother criticized the actress accusing her of having a childish character.

Paolo Masella criticizes Beatrice Luzzi

Beatrice Luzzi she is without a doubt among the most talked about protagonists of this edition of Big Brother. The actress, in fact, continues to be a topic of discussion both inside and outside the Cinecittà House. He thought about commenting on her behavior Paolo Masella that, in the garden with Marco Fortunatihe has declared:

I told Max (Massimiliano Varrese ed.) if you don’t like her, just shut it down. With respect close. I don’t like her a bit, with respect I’m done, I don’t give her any sympathy. Her attitudes are childish (…) Some things, like the situation with Anita, made me understand that she is a person to whom you can’t say anything.

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To echo him Marcowho also had his say on the behavior of Massimiliano:

He started a battle with Beatrice in defense of Rosy, then the issue of Heidi and then of Valentina… in reality I don’t see it as that wrong, in fact if you think about it many things that come out in the episode are those said in the Confessional which but they are the things you think at that moment… this gives you the opportunity to free yourself, to reply and explain when it is then seen.

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