Big Brother, Massimiliano Varrese seeks clarification with Valentina Modini: “What you said the other night…”

During Monday’s episode of GF, Massimiliano Varrese and Valentina Modini had a heated clash. Here’s how they decided to clarify.

Monday’s episode Big Brother opened with the comparison between Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi Baci: the chemistry that was born between the two had fans of the reality show hosted by chatting Alfonso Signorini and the tenants of the House of Canale5, but a step backwards by Gieffina had caused friction with Vippone. Determined to clarify the situation between them, Gentlemen he had retraced the stages of their acquaintance in these first days in the house and asked both of them for clarification on their respective feelings.

GF, Massimiliano Varrese and Valentina Modini compared: “You can’t say these things, I have a daughter at home…”

During the comparison between Heidi e Massimiliano it emerged that Gieffina has no interest in Vippone, despite feeling flattered by his attentions. In the house, the tenants were divided between those who took the side of Massimiliano, stating that his feelings were not the result of a strategy, but of love at first sight. Among the girls, however, there were those like Valentina Modiniwho he formed a certain bond with Heidiargued that Massimiliano had cornered the gieffina, appearing too intrusive. The words of the non-VIP had sparked the anger of Stem who began with a dry:

“Easy with words, you can’t say things like that”

During the daytime of GFthe actor asked the nip for clarification, declaring himself sorry for the tones used towards him:

“Going back to yesterday, I’m very sorry, I know you didn’t mean it… you understood everything. So, let’s be calm. I’m sorry if I raised the tone, but it was bomb after bomb yesterday. “

Also Valentina she admitted that she felt sorry for the situation with Heidi:

“I think that if Heidi had reciprocated you, you would have been more serene and therefore you wouldn’t have done that scene. The point was to bring you back to the normality of the gesture. I’m sorry to come across as someone who doesn’t know how to use words”

Stem he admitted that his comment still hurt him, because he had found himself in an embarrassing situation and outside the program he has a daughter waiting for him:

“He was passing a message to me at that moment that shouldn’t have passed. I understood that there were no intentions, that’s it. I’ve always complimented you since you’ve been in here. We’re here, we’ll talk about it calmly: it’s stupid to put up a wall”

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