Amici 23, Nicholas in difficulty because of Alessandra Celentano: “You don’t have the body to be a dancer”

In the daytime of Amici, Nicholas is put in difficulty due to a task from Alessandra Celentano. Let’s see what happened!

In the daytime of Amici Of Maria De Filippi today, Wednesday 27 September, Nicholas was put in difficulty by a task of Alessandra Celentano.

Friends 23, Nicholas in difficulty from a task from Celentano

The strict teacher at the school Canale5 he decided to assign the first task and his choice fell on Nicholas, student of Todaro’s team. The long letter that the Teacher sends him is certainly not the most flattering, given that Celentano makes it very clear what he thinks of the 22-year-old dancer.

“Nicholas, this is the first task I assign and it is no coincidence that you are the chosen one. To date my thought is that you are a poor dancer, without much study behind you and this can be seen in the movements: you are rigid and very closed. I’m not talking about good will, because I think there is that, but it takes a long time and it’s not guaranteed that it will be possible. I don’t find you harmonious, with plastic and long muscles but, on the contrary, you are massive and short, despite being tall. You’re a bodybuilder and that makes you wooden. Visually you’re too big to be a dancer, but maybe you’re doing the wrong job of strengthening. There’s work to be done, eh?”

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The Celentano it also stings Raimondo Todaro stating that he gave his student a skimpy pass and that it is not enough to be able to assign a desk to Amici. The student admits that the Teacher is right on many aspects, but not on her physical appearance:

“I know I have a lot to work on, but that’s why I’m here. But I don’t share your thoughts on my physique. I don’t think I don’t have a personality as a dancer, because if I didn’t have qualities I wouldn’t have passed the auditions. But there they are ways and ways of saying things, telling me that I am poor is not a good thing. Now I will talk to Raimondo and see what to do.”

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